3 Thumbnail Tips to Get More Views on YouTube!

YouTube Thumbnails are CRITICAL for video optimization and getting clicked in search results. Here’s 3 Thumbnail Tips to Get More Views on YouTube FAST! *** ► FREE GUIDE: The ULTIMATE Video Editing Process:


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► BASIC – Keynote (Mac):
► BASIC – Powerpoint (Windows):
► BASIC – Canva (Online):
► ADVANCED – Adobe Photoshop:

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— 3 Thumbnail Tips to Get More Views on YouTube! —

Ask anyone what is the FIRST thing they see in the search results on YouTube, and the answer invariably comes back as one of two things: Video Titles, or Thumbnails.

The number 2? Whichever wasn’t listed as number 1… 😉

Point is, Thumbnails are key to not only drawing attention to your video, but getting potential viewers to click your content over all the other options! This makes your YouTube thumbnails an absolutely critical part of your overall channel and video optimization…

When YouTube shows your videos in search, suggested videos, or anywhere else on the platform – it’s tracking how many clicks it gets vs. the videos around it. If your video gets clicked less than the other options presented to users, you can bet YouTube’s algorithm will factor in the lower performance when decide when, where or IF to show your video again!

In this video we run through 3 Thumbnail Tips to help you create effective video thumbnails that attract viewers, brand your channel, and help you get more views on YouTube!

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  • JUST the video I needed! I struggled with thumbnails for a long time. I thought they were good but in reality they weren't at all. Took some soul searching and research and videos like this. Thanks!

  • Canva is the best free option. I also try to have a picture of me and use the same font called EDO in Canva. Great video!

  • I use Canva for Work, sizing is already there and I can use my brand colours/Font. Im still very new to it but im enjoying learning about it all – Love your videos Justin, thanks!

  • Great video, thanks. What to do when you're just starting out and after watching this video you want to change it? Do you just change it and continue from there on? Remake the older ones?

  • Helpful videos. My thumbnails are still not very good (but getting slightly less horrible). I'm just not good at graphics, etc. Plus, I admit I do look for the best moment in my timeline, which is like picking through a basket of bruised up fruit hoping to find one good one (not likely). I've got to take more time to get those nice deliberate poses. Always helpful. Thank you.

  • I use Photoshop but have been guilty of choosing a frame from my videos (which I think has worked)! I need to remember to take some pictures to have more options.

  • May I ask as a new YouTube, with no tech knowledge and skill, would you please tell me which camera is better and easier:Sony a5100 or canon M100. Thank you

  • good video. Also, great ebook on editing. What software did you build it in? Keep it coming. Great stuff 🙂

  • Great recommendations, Justin. Thanks. I’ve been struggling with thumbnails. I use Pixelmator on my iPad Pro (10.5) to make my thumbnails and have, indeed, being using a frame catch with LumaFusion.

  • Hi,

    Came across your channel, I am just setting up my channel and wanted to know, what is decent software that I can use that does not use too much processing and slow the desktop pc down. I saw one of your videos and OBS is one I am considering.

    I want to have a picture in picture while recording my screen but I want to be able to change my voice as I record as I don't have the most clear microphonic voice.

    Appreciate and advise.


  • Subscribe To My Channel. My Channel Is Only Dedicated To Creative Commons. All My Videos Are Free To Copy, Use & Remix. New Uploads Everyday! SUB • LIKE • SHARE • Thanks!!

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