7 Figure SEO Agency By Niching Down and Adding Value

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Today I sat down with John King. He is the Co-founder along with his business partner Gary Simpson of PlacementSEO.com These two young entrepreneurs are quickly building a large agency based on niching down and adding value.

John shared his story, along with how he raised 4 million dollars at age 20 only to see that business fail.

He quickly dusted that off and found his niche & a business partner that has a different skill set and they are quickly growing their white label SEO business. They have their sites set on a 25 million dollar agency within the next few years, based on a foundation of adding value.

He shares the many lessons he learned along the way, including how to find a business partners, how younger entrepreneurs can land clients, what advice he would have for a younger version of himself, and a multitude of lessons learned over his 8 year entrepreneurial journey.

John mentioned the following resources during the interview that are worth checking out.

His Blog

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