Always Do This Research BEFORE Doing SEO On Your Website

Sup guys!

Alright so in the last video, some people said I made it sound easy but it actually is. I just got an email with someone who is following this from an old video I did and they are doing well, they will be doing a guest post about it on my blog soon.

The trick is to do some research first! What you should do is analyze the top 10 and look for a few indicators. The page you create only needs to be as good as the one above you not including backlinks of course.

So you should be able to get to the 3rd place easy without any backlink for an easy keyword. To do this you want to go through all the top 10 websites in the serps and see what they look like. The first thing you want to do is see how many times the keyword is in the article and maybe also variations of the keyword.

You also want to make sure you check how much multimedia the page has. This is the key to get a head start with your SEO and affiliate marketing website.

Have fun!

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  • What if you just want to rank your website in a niche higher on Google (not necessarily an affiliate product), would you do the same thing?

  • Hey Franklin,
    Thanks for valuable content!
    How do you avoid duplicating content issue? For instance I have the same product listed in /products and in /collections/products and when I check out my SEO for plagiarism it shows me that it is plagiarized (and links to my own website). How to avoid that?
    As well on every product page I have some cliche phrases like "Free Worldwide Shipping & Easy Returns" and it sometimes also tag it as plagiarism.
    How do I avoid that?

  • Hey Frank, the keyword extension does the search volume matter? I mean if I use launch jacking method, having google search this keyword '<<product name>> review' and it comes out 0 search volume, does it mean it is a lousy affliate product?

  • Lol awesome thumbnail! Thanks again, love your SEO videos, helped us rank #1 for one good keyword with no PBNs or anything fancy 🙂

  • Franklin! So, we write a blog with the keywords we want in it, and google just AUTOMATICALLY FINDS IT AND RANKS IT? and..
    if I have a blog page on my shopify store it will work for that too correct??? Thanks frank!

  • "You only have to do better than the sites above you" – Awesome takeaway Franklin. I am starting to work again on affiliate now 🙂

  • Hi Franklin, thanks for doing this video. I was one of those who sent you a message saying how I was struggling with this, its really encouraging to know that you take the time to read and respond with great content like this. thanks.

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