Amazon Hacks to Massively Grow Your SEO

Are you looking for a quick way to boost your on site SEO? Check out the WordPress plugin from Amazon called Amazon Polly. Polly will improve your SEO by encouraging visitors to stay on your website longer. if you can increase your dwell time on site, this will improve your SEO overall. As visitors listen to the post with Amazon Polly interface, they tend to stick around longer.


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  • that such old greetings from Peru you think you could subtitle your videos to Spanish .. or at least you could try it with one that you create if you think it better you would have more subscribers and apart that would contribute more value to the Spanish speaking people.

  • Hi Eric! Great tip! I think I saw the Amazon Polly plug-in for WordPress featured on TechCrunch upon it's release last year — totally correct me if I'm wrong.

    I thought it'd be a good thing to add to my blog.

    I did asked WordPress Support about it once I read about it, but they didn't know about it yet. I guess I asked too soon.

    I'll get that for my WordPress blog — I wonder if this plugin is only available for the Business plan (certain plugins aren't available otherwise)?

    Also, in relation to spreading awareness about my health & wellness blog, I have specific social media for my blog which I post on, but I also share blog content on my personal social media. Is that a good thing to do or not?

    There are ppl watching, even if they don't want to engage with my posts, I see many ppl looking at my personal IG story and my FB story.

    I figure you never know who's interested.



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