Amazon Keywords SEO – Ranking System Explained for 2017 (Hack Using SuperURL)

In this video, you will learn about ranking on Amazon and how Amazon SEO works.

This video will show you everything you need to know about ranking certain keywords on Amazon using Facebook Ads.

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Helium10 –
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Once you’ve picked the keyword you want to target, you will need to create an offer on Facebook optimized for mobile Facebook offers only. In the video, I will be using to create my unique and catchy ad to grab peoples attention to increase conversions and lower ad costs.

In fact, I will be showing you step by step on exactly what I do to rank whatever keyword I want to boost in rank within 24-72 hours.

The biggest mistake people make when attempting this method is not allowing their Facebook ads to run for over 3 days. It is a rookie mistake to turn your Facebook ad off within 72 hours. Facebook needs time to show & optimize the ads to the people they think will have the highest engagement with your ad, but this takes time.

I also show you how to upload one-time coupon codes to Facebook using a .csv file. Offering one-time coupon codes is a must if you don’t want to get your inventory liquidated by someone that gets your product at 80-95% off.

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  • You say that Helium 10 is not accurate, but you don`t have the same ip. I see that amazon is crazy. My ranks are different on different locations. Now i see a strange thing that amazon show my product and then my product disappear in less than a second….

  • Hi thanks for this tutorial , could you please teach us how to create that purchase pixel we should put in this conversion website ? you put purchase in this video and i tried the same method ,but the facebook keep rejecting this add ,and not approving .


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  • Thank You David for this priceless information. I have learned a lot from your videos and subscribed.
    Do you do personal assistance/coaching in any fashion? I understand just about everything to begin but a helping hand is always best when starting out. Let me know, thank you!

  • I love your videos! I knew most of the techniques you talk about, but you are absolutely right when you say not many people know about these awesome hacks you talk about!

  • David, thank you so much for this helpful video. Is the scanner tool yours? or are you can affiliate for the product?    Wouldn't be better to make buyers to optin, get their information and pixel them for retargeting and to sale them other products once you build a list?

  • Hey David, whats the differnce between this method when getting the superURL VS your old method in getting the superURL?

  • HELP PLEASE, I have a technical question, would love to hear some knowledgeable replies. We order our own brand goods from China and they have a 3-4 month lead time, we need to produce the Amazon FBA labels for the factory to stick on ready to ship to FBA. If this is a new product, this means producing the Amazon listing 3-4 months before the stock gets here, the question is… will a new listing on Amazon with zero stock quantity for 3-4 months KILL the listing before it has even started selling? Meaning that the pagerank will be really climbing a mountain to get started by the time we do get stock, or does Amazon not start to rank it until it has stock listed?

  • i have question regarding keywords.
    For example i sell soccer ball,i get those keywords from competitors ,if i apply them how it make them sell more then mt competitor as i guess still my competitors will sell more then i do,what its the next stage to be ahead,except reviews and promo sales?

  • Is this technique (doing the super URL) still effective or should we use the technique that you described in the video you did recently

  • Also, can this method get your account banned in anyway? Since the QID (search timestamp) is in the super URL you give, so amazon can actually see the time the search using the keyword was made and see that the same QID comes up however many times you have coupons for after the initial search.

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