Apple Ditches Church Apps, FB Groups vs Pages & Search Engine Optimization | #AskBrady Episode 38

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1:07 – What is the best way to give at a 5 to 1 ratio of the amount of times we ask something of people on social media?
8:11 – Should we get a SEO consultation for our website, or should we keep the basic concepts of SEO in the back of our heads and redesign our website based on that?
12:35 – Is it better to have a Facebook group or a Facebook page?
15:59 – Where should our video announcements live after Sunday?

Brady Shearer is the CEO of Pro Church Tools Inc., a company helping churches communicate better. Through weekly videos, podcasts, and articles, Pro Church Tools reaches more than 25,000 churches every month.

Brady is the host of The #AskBrady Show, a church communications focused Q&A video show and podcast, as well as the Pro Church Podcast, a weekly interview audio podcast.

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  • Elevation Church uses Custom Church Apps. The same company we use. Luckily if you already have a custom app through them apple is grandfathering us in

  • I agree with some of this except… Brady either is trying to create a huge scare or didn’t do enough research. They aren’t kicking anyone’s current app out

  • I'm confused… either your going "click bait" on us, or the three subsplash apps I manage have escaped Apple's hatchet.  & if you are right, not the coolest move to celebrate thousands of churches loosing their voice in the app space.  recover from your trip then get back to us with an honest post.

  • Brady, can you provide a link for the announcement by Apple that they will be removing Subsplash apps from the App Store? You said it happened in the last week, but a Google search doesn’t seem to turn up anything about this news.

  • I LOVE the analogy between internet real estate that you own, and that you rent. If I were selling crafts out of my home, I wouldn't sell as much than I would if I rented a storefront in a busy city. So I can use Facebook to direct people to my website, which is the main goal. Actually, the physical church is the main goal, but you know what I mean. Thanks again!

  • In this episode you were saying that the video announcements should live on Youtube instead of Facebook since Youtube is "your real estate". Youtube isn't controlled by us, so isn't that also like a "rental property" also?

  • 13:10 – Great explanation, Brady. We use both Page and Groups. We use Pages to get our message out to the public where we can control the content and allow people to comment. We use Groups to allow our members to ask questions of each other and collaborate with each other.

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