best search engine optimisation techniques for 2k17

This video is all about best and prime seo techniques and strategies for the year of 2017 and here are the points to discuss:
Make your website superfast: remember one thing when your purchase web hosting for your domain name than check all the necessary points in that like space, bandwidth, email providing, ssl support etc.. We generally prefer cheap hosting package just for our satisfaction and save our money but whenwe have a good data on our website and tries to improve search ranking for our website than various problems comes out into our mind and we have to face it. So, for the sake of this reason I am creating this reason and telling you about best seo techniques in detail always prefer better web services provider according to bluehost, hostgator, bigrock these are better web services provider for web hosting.
Maintain mobile friendliness website: this for your website marketing and promotion and also for improve search ranking: today’s scenario most of our customer are generally access websites or blog and any other social media from mobile devices. For this reason we have to created website which is mobile friendly means easily accessible on mobile.
Use long tail keywords for your website ranking: generally means we have to insert long keywords in the form of url’s and content for our pages of website for the sake of more visitors into our website.
Produce high quality content for your website: your website or blog must have all the high quality content in general terms the all content you used in your website or blog like pics, images, pictures, videos, text data etc.. They all are real not copy paste from any other website or blog. Always used standards words for to create website url and pages or always use original content for promotion of your website or blog. High quality content writing is more powerful than any other tips for to gain more visitors to your website or blog.
new words and new content is always create curiosity for the customer to search into your site and visiting to your site.
Update your old post: this strategy is far much better for improve your search ranking and for search engine optimization also and also improve your alexa ranking. Because when you have update your old post with some modification it is become far much better than new post customers chance of visiting is getting double from previous one.
Tips for updating of old post : make your spelling correctly, make new words for previous content, make more synonyms words for new search, make more easily for user to visit your website, make more image-able and video-able content as compare to previous posting.
Link building with quality content not quantity content: sure recommended with quality content not quantity content for your websites.
The rise of voice search: voice search is very popular techniques and strategy now days to improve google search ranking and alexa search ranking for your website. Always use proper, perfect, strong and easy words into your website for the sake of easily fetch-able with voice conferencing.
Switch your website to https: https means hyper text transfer protocol secure, secure is the best used concept for those sites in which online money transaction is applicable but now days if you want to improve your search ranking than switch your website or blog to secure way. Means used secure socket layer concept.
Make strong presence on social media: now day’s social media sharing is most popular concept for gain more share, views, visitor chance improving and all. So always sharing your all content properly to social media accounts with proper use of hash tags strategy like on face-book sharing, twitter sharing, Instagram sharing, LinkedIn sharing and very powerful Google+ sharing, share your strory to medium and xiing social media, share properly to another social media for engaging people with your website and also increase more visitor for your website or blog.
Always follow google not any other search engine: I strongly recommended this points always follow google even I can definitely say all time only follow google. Lots of updates regularly by Google incorporation to improve serach ranking, to improve website rank and all. 99% of your customers or user are comes from google search engine to your websites or blog. So always follow rules, updates, condition for improving yourselves.
User experience is the new seo in 2017: this is the end time of 2017 but user experience is the new seo for 2017 and 2k18 for both the years. Product reviews, movie ratings, user feedback is the best giving examples for user experience that the best way to market and promote your website in all the ways.
Thankyou so much for watching my video on top techniques and strategy for seo (search engine optimization 2k17).


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