Bulletproof Tactic to Dominate Google Search Rankings – How to Create Backlinks For SEO

One of the best ways to get higher Google search rankings is to know how to create backlinks to your website.
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But it isn’t just about link building and how many websites point to you. It’s also about how authoritative those sites linking to you are. And more importantly, how authoritative those web pages linking to you are.

One way to help boost the authority of the sites/web pages linking to you is to build links to them.

For example, if there is an article on Entrepreneur.com article that links back to my website, I then Google for articles that contain similar keywords.

Once I have a list of similar articles, I put those URLs in Ahrefs to see who links to them. I then reach out to each of those sites and encourage them to link out to the Entrepreneur.com article that mentions me.

By using the template that I mention in this video you’ll find that you can also build links to the web pages linking to you.

Over time as I build more links to the sites linking to me, my Google search rankings get higher. Why? Because the pages linking to me are continually growing in authority due to this tier 2 link building strategy.

If you do the same as I do, then you’ll have the best Google search rankings you’ve ever had before.

Thanks for watching “Bulletproof Tactic to Dominate Google Search Rankings – How to Create Backlinks”.

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  • Great tip, Neil! A lot of people are interested in direct link building, but I feel this can be very effective, especially if your website hasn't built a solid brand name yet.


  • Neil how can I overcome lazyness and be active on working on my site everyday like you, I don't know how u do that.

  • Thanks Neil. You seem to be the only hope which will help me do something online ! Thank you for your honest and to the point knowledge sharing. Really appreciated.

  • Hi Neil, how will I know if I'm doing the right procedure of getting backlinks or is it improving my domain authority ?

  • Hi Neil.

    You seem like a nice guy and I've enjoyed reading various articles on the web which discuss your techniques! I have to admit though I was disappointed to see that your subscribers and viewer numbers are not near the volume I would have expected from someone as experienced in this area as you are.

    Am I missing something? Just an observation not a criticism.

  • Love your videos Neil but for the love of god, could you please not change the titles of them post-publishing? For example, this video used to be titled "How to increase your rankings from tier 2 links", but now it's "Bulletproof Tactic to Dominate Google Search Rankings – How to Create Backlinks"….?

    Since I don't wanna miss any of your videos it makes it really hard knowing off-hand which ones I've watched or not since I jump around a lot between computers and browsers, both mobile and desktop.

    Other than that, keep up the good work!

  • Neil, I was simply watched trivago ad in tv in India, and visual theme are as same as of your video, for one moment I thought it is a parody after seeing thumbnail. Sorry but yes, it's like a co- incidence.

  • Neil, how much time will it take for a tech blog (focused on android) to get it ranked on Google?
    I am creating daily quality backlinks(1-2) , focusing on on-page SEO and all other stuff related to ranking factors.
    Please suggest a minimum timeframe required if all of these ranking factors are on top notch.
    I am asking this for my website :- http://buildmebest.com , please analyze my website..

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