Consult Part 3: SEO For Large Company Websites

Ever wondered how you should go about SEO for larger websites? Well in this video, Jason & I go over how to do SEO for his client (large insurance company).

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Doing SEO for a local business is much different than doing one for a large business.

Larger businesses usually already have a high Domain Authority so it is actually easier to do SEO on

In this video, Jason & I cover his clients SEO and exactly what I would do step by step if I were in his position

Enjoy the consult 🙂

Ruan M. Marinho

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  • Hi,

    you have requested for my business details in previous video.

    ad i sent it through email.☺

    just wanted to remind you

  • Great video Ruan!

    Got a question.
    I am using (Dot)US domain name. Will my digital agency rank in Google will be easier to use dotCOM?

    Thanks for the value, buddy.

  • Thanks for another great video Ruan. I found the last bit about reverse engineering high value customers by stalking competitor PPC ads enormously insightful! If you were to put out any content on a podcast I would certainly listen to all of it

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