Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 187 Replay

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0:00 Intro and announcements

14:34 Hows posting in gmb helps in lead generation for local clients?

15:58 Good day Gents Thanks for this weekly sharing I appreciate it so very much. How do you tag a photo with the area of the business etc. What are the other ways to optimize a photo for best SEO practices?

20:39 I have no problem ranking videos at the top of Youtube. What is the secret to ranking Youtube videos on the first page of Google?

27:35 How to schedule post in wordpress using rss masher?? When you trying to publish many post? Is rss masher still helpful ranking in 2018?

29:38 I’m having a tough time finding a keyword VA to do the Keywords for GMB accounts like your Keyword Research Girl. Did you find your keyword VA through Upwork,, or somewhere else? Love that GMB Silo!!! You answered this a bit earlier. I’ll check with my other VAs to have them help find the right person

38:02 For a niche site with a very narrow focus: rather than building multiple silos, could I get away with putting my main 2000+ word article on a static homepage and try to rank the home page? And then having 2-3 category pages, with supporting blog posts in each category?

39:38 Which website service would you recommend for real estate agents? Also, what features should we look for, or ask for, to allow a syndication network to be built?

41:38 How’s the Facebook group coming for GMB PRO? And I purchased it with an email not associated with my Facebook, what’s the process for getting added with that being the case. Thx

41:54 What’s a good pitch to sell the value of Local GMB Strategy, for instance what deficiencies can/should you point out to help close prospect? Can you review example of and how do you address any metrics or proof? Example of how to setup G Site landing page quickly for conversions and can you show example?

47:57 With the new Local GMB Strategy I have been “acquiring” more and more addresses to verify. From an SEO point of view have you noticed any difference in effectiveness when you remove the Street Address from the NAP (Service Area Business)?

51:08 I have yet to take the Local GMB Pro course but I gather what I can from Humpday Hangouts. I came across the “GMB Agency Dashboard” in my Reddit newsfeed a couple hours ago. I know it has just been released but I was curious to know what your thoughts are on it. Will it benefit SEOs doing Local GMB or will it give Google another footprint to observe?

53:11 When using Google Sites for lead generation and/or boosting clients’ sites, what percentage of the sites are placed in your main Google/G Suite account? Are you spreading them across many accounts?

56:25 Is there a difference in effectiveness as far as ranking go for having the blog page in the website vs having the blog page link out to an established blog website the business has had for years. The real estate company changed their website to a different website service and linked out to their older established blog. I handle their GMB page and wanted to add more content to increase rankings for different keywords. The real question is where will the relevance go? I am thinking to the GMB site and the blog site. Thanks

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