Does Google consider SEO to be spam?

Matt Cutts answers the question: “Does Google consider SEO to be spam?”

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  • Many links good for site and ranking as u said but I am building lot of links but still my keyword is not ranking..can you please tell me what would be the problem..

  • @Gimped88 I wish to be proven wrong! Give me a one or two word keyword that gets 10000 exact match monthly searches or more that supports your point and refutes mine, please.

  • We dominate our market sector by doing exactly what this video describes. By dominate I mean we have the first 15 positions on the highest volume key phrase, and the first 10 positions on the second highest. We have position 1 to 6 on many more key phrases.
    We achieved this with white hat SEO – great site architecture, regularly updated unique content and high level relevant incoming links from well written articles that we post on good sites around the net. And no expensive PPC.

  • I consider SEO to be spam–I clean it and the links every day off the message board I administrate. Cheap chinese clothing knockoffs, pharmaceuticals–as long as I have to deal with this mess I will consider it spam. That's the final word on the subject.

  • I don't care what kind of "quality content" someone claims to provide. Once they put a single link in there it becomes insincere spam. End of story.

  • What would be very helpful now is for Matt Cutts to identify what online business promotion is considered acceptable post April 24th and what is not. Sites are being penalised left right and centre, even when following legitamate business promotional tactics e.g. press releases (with site links), guest blogs, RSS feeds. Sites are being penalised for links they had nothing to do with creating, and the 'fix' (getting 3rd party sites to remove them) is impossible. We need guidance Google!

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  • I love your voice, I could fall asleep to it. If you want to marry me and read to me every night that would be totally cool.

  • yea ok. In your blog (googlewebmastercentral blogspot) i was reading and send me here you writing "We want people doing white hat search engine optimization (or even no search engine optimization at all)" ….. Or not SEO at all! wtf.. You can't be same on both blog and video?

  • Great advice here from Matt. If you are looking for a white-hat agency that will offer Pay on Results Call 01793 608777 (International 0044 1793 608777) or Google "HodgesNet" – We'd be more than happy to provide a free quotation and see what we can do to help you.

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  • You guys at google are a bunch of very bad people never take in consideration where us people who are investing our hard earned money to genuinely promote our business via seo you penalise the good ones and leave the sites that are doing blatant black hat seo, Contact me please!

  • Anyone tried the MoboRank (do a google search)? I've heard several great things about it and my friend rank on page 1 of google by using it.

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  • Awesome video. SEO is an important tool to aid the search engines in determining what your website is all about. There's definitely nothing wrong with that but if you over optimize or create your site in such a way that it's for the sake of the search engines, that where the problem starts.

  • This video from our Friend Mr Cutt’s may be a few years old now, but it’s still bang on regarding the benefits of a good SEO Agency.

    There are many ways to optimise a website, like making sure it's technically built to be search engine friendly and adopting a strong link building strategys, but the bottom line is content is king, get this right and you will 'organically' move up the search engine rankings.

    Keep it white hat and never move to the dark side!

  • I love this video…
    I hope that SEO will be correct for our websites, and that Google don t block it and put it like spam.

  • But why does Google go out of its way to make SEO more and more difficult?

    ….Take (not provided) in Analytic as an example.

  • this is great.I've been figuring this stuff out also recently. does this still stand with the hummingbird update on google?

  • Matt Cuts Videos are really showing us the way to use SEO as the best practise to give a boost to our business. Keep sharing such nice clips.

  • Good explanation Matt, I guess just keep it relevant with good content as well as the right keywords for your subject matter.

  • SEO and spam are 2 different things. Great video to watch if you’re still trying to differentiate SEO from spamming. Both SEO companies and small business owners can learn a lot from this video. They know what they’re talking about, it is from Google after all.

  • Matt, why can't you just release a list containing 50% of all Google signals? We just want a guide line to go by so we are doing everything correctly. 

  • Agreed +1. This particular video is very helpful for me thank you. Additionally I want to say that I utilize youtube to bring traffic to my website since I'm a marketer. Want to learn exactly how? In my channel you can watch a video about my course which is by far the best course on youtube marketing ever. You should go to my youtube channel to check it out. Take care!

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