Headless Chrome and browser automation with Eric Bidelman

The headless browser revolution has arrived! Headless browsers are powerful tools that all developers can adopt in their workflow. This session will showcase examples of the amazing things that Chrome can do without a UI: write programs to control the browser; test a site; automate UI tasks; integrate into a CI system; setup A/B perf monitoring; prerender a client-side app for SEO; and more. The focus will be on using Puppeteer, Google’s Node library for controlling headless Chrome.

About the Speaker
Eric Bidelman (@ebidel) is a senior staff engineer at Google working with the Chrome team on web projects like Puppeteer, headless Chrome, Lighthouse, Polymer, and web components. He’s the author of “Using the HTML5 Filesystem API,” and has led frontend projects like the Google I/O web app, Google’s Santa tracker, chromestatus.com, and html5rocks.com. Prior to Google, Eric worked as a software engineer at the University of Michigan where he designed rich web applications and APIs for the university’s 19 libraries.


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