How Does Technical SEO Work? (And Why You Need It) – John Lincoln, Ignite Visibility

Technical SEO is a very important part of search engine optimization.

Technical SEO resources

Google has made SEO and website builders have made SEO incredibly complex. Because of this, there is a massive field called technical SEO.

Most medium to large websites have someone who reviews their technical SEO at least once a month.

Websites break or are blocked all the time, that is why you must invest in technical SEO, or you could lose all your traffic. Also, with the right technical SEO tweaks, you could get much more traffic.

John Lincoln is a technical search engine optimization expert who has worked with thousands of websites over the years.

In this video, he covers blocked websites, websites with content stolen, categories, pagination and many more items in technical SEO.

Watch this video to learn more about technical SEO now. If you have a question about technical search engine optimization, ask below.


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