How to Create a Social Media Marketing Audit for Prospects!

In this video learn how to make money with social media audits.

I’ll show you how we perform a social media audit, i’ll give you my template on how we pull it together, and show you how we use use low cost labor to pull it together so we can send custom audits to prospects we want to work with.

Just follow this simple process and exploit it to scale your business!!

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Here at SEO Cheat Guides we have a passion for making things simple. We want to cut through all the mundane day-to-day tasks and have you bring your digital marketing business to the next level.

Our mission is to show everyone how simple it is to make their digital marketing business more successful, more profitable and more fun!

It’s time to get your business working for you!

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  • This seems like it might work. The main obstacle is getting the attention of the owner and getting the owner to realize the value of the audit and not dismiss it along with the dozen other email "offers" they receive.

  • So if you get 3 clients for example, How can you possibly respond and interact with all the fan interaction on fb, twit, instg for each client? Can you do a video on how a va would manage 3 clients and how can a va handle 12 clients?

  • One more question. Can you do the numbers, maybe what you would show the prospect, on how your services would give them more profits than what you charge?

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