How To Do SEO For Pressure Washers – Get to the Top of Google

This video is about how to do search engine optimization for pressure washing businesses. We are going to show you the right way. Hardly anybody else is doing this. It will give you a huge advantage. If you have questions: Book a free 30-minutes consultation ($97 Value):

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A Roadmap For SEO’s Direction In The Coming Year

Search Engine Optimization does not remain stagnant for more than a minute these days. Longstanding techniques in the world of SEO constantly get wiped out by the release of Google algorithm updates. There is an increase in popularity for the new methods of SEO. It comes as no surprise that SEO will continue to change how professionals work.

Which trends will appear in the world of SEO in 2018? There are a number of changes that appeared on the scene in 2014.This changes are still evolving and are expected to bring better and efficient marketing practices in future.

Mobile Optimization Will Continue To Grow In Importance

There are some companies that still have nor understood the significance of mobile optimization. Their websites are unlikely to gain higher positions on search results pages.

According to statistics, 4 out of 5 Americans use their smartphones for accessing online shopping sites. In January 2014, 55% of American internet usage came from smart phones. That was the first time this had ever happened. The predominance of tablets, smartphones and other personal devices will continue to increase. Therefore, we can safely say that 2018 will be the year of mobile website design.

Fast loading, responsive webpages are an important factor when it comes to optimizing a website for use on a mobile device. Additionally, website visitors must have positive experiences as this is a prime determining factor in successful SEO; therefore, website functioning must be perfect.

Keywords Are Losing Their Key Abilities

Once upon a time, the key to great content writing boiled down to the use of keywords. Over time, the significance of this has been lost.

2018 will return focus to high-quality content and successfully managing an online presence. This, alongside providing a memorable experience to visitors, as their expectations continue to rise as well. Chasing a perfect keyword density is starting to look like a waste of time. Value is now based on length and quality.

Consumers are now looking to build quality relationships with websites and brands. The best way of achieving this is by providing content that is valuable and unique. By provide unique, creative, and useful information, a website is more likely to build relationships with its visitors. As such, the more time spent exploring a site, the greater the impact on search engine positioning will be.

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