How To Get More Free Traffic To Your WordPress Website With SEO

We all want more free traffic to our websites and in this video, I share a simple strategy for ranking your content high on Google…

Sadly, people make SEO out to be more complicated then it really is.

Sure, anything takes work, but there is a simple process for anyone that wants to improve their WordPress SEO.

Here are some of the links from the video:
WebTextTool Review:
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  • How well does webtexttool work with page builders? I know Squirrly my current seo solution works out but some times doesn’t not play well with builders or can’t see the content?

  • Hey Adam, great video thank you for all your helpful content, just started to use Elementor as I've been a bit old fashioned and just coded everything by hand before. What about just using google keyword planner which is free… normally used for PPC but the data is still the same on search amount, competition and can still target to specific regions.

  • Greetings, Adam. Question. You mentioned having multiple pages on a site with each associated with a target city (electrician example). I've heard that Google will penalize your ranking if you have the same (or very similar) content listed multiple times. What are your thoughts?

  • Super video, as always, Adam! Thanks for making it.
    One thing I'm not totally clear on:
    If, for example, you were a plumber in New York City, you indicate that it would be a good SEO idea to make up a number of pages that focused on nearby areas. So, you'd make a page "plumbing services new york city" and another one named "plumbing services Manhattan" and "plumbing services Brooklyn", etc. and use keywords appropriately. So would all of these pages or posts need to be accessible through the website's menu system? It would be rather strange to do this. Alternately, I guess you could put these into links in a footer on the home page. Regardless, could these pages simply "stand alone" on the website and function properly in the SEO way you've indicated?

  • Wow Webtextool looks awesome will check it out, I love the "very easy" recommendations. Good way to make new content!

  • Well done Adam! You make SEO learning  for me less complicated compare to many of the so called "SEO Guru" out there.

  • Adam, regarding interlinking posts within a site, do you know of a plugin or tool that would allow me to select a phrase, and wherever that phrase appears on my site, create a link to wherever I want? Or do I have to go through each post and do it manually? Also what about posts that didn't originate on the internet, for example, magazine articles, etc. that were written and have been added to wordpress as posts? They weren't originally written with keywords in mind, so what would you do in that case?

  • Question are you using the word pages and a blog post interchangeably? or are you suggesting we make a page with content on each page to support each key word?

  • Thanks Adam.. considering buying webtexttool today.. pls let me know if it works with elementor i.e when creating post/page content, the SEO information on the right shows up? Thanks 🙂

  • Thank you Adam. Learning a lot. My 2018 goal is to meet and have lunch with one new person every week. Up for It?

  • hey adam, what if we edit the post with elementor ? any advice about integrate it with Webtexttool ? Or how to check SEO if we are editing the post with elementor ?

  • Hi Adam! Thank you for all your tutorials with so many insights. I learn a lot from your videos, get new ideas every day. Cheers! I would love to see you make a video with ColorMag theme and elementor plugin for designing good magazine/news style blogs.

  • Hi Adam your video are always helpful for us and one more thing I personally growing my english spiking skills with the help of your video.
    Thank you very much.

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