How to hire an SEO

Google’s Maile Ohye shares her advice for hiring an SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) to improve the searcher experience on your website.


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  • Taking SEO out of the realm of "black magic" is exactly right – for two reasons:

    1. it separates the wheat from the chaff in the field of SEO providers, by requiring that the 'what' is explained in detail (and revealing the puffery in offerings from black-magic specialists);

    2. the 'what' involves a lot of grunt work, justifying the 4 – 12 months suggested in the video. No need to pretend there's magic involved… so if your SEO won't elaborate, or it doesn't make sense to you, don't hire them.

  • No black hit will work now a days. Ranking is a slow process it will take 4 to 7 months to rank an old domain with my experience

  • This is an amazing thing for both, SEO's and companies those hire SEO. I really happy to heard that the last thing wich is is you mentioned. Many peoples hire SEO but never implement their ideas and suggestions.
    Thank you

  • Very good talk, short and to the point. I found that the mention of reviews is critical, and one of the easiest and cheapest things to do to improve ranking. We found not only did it improve ranking but all those positive reviews generate instant consumer confidence before the customer lands on your site. We use 5starmarketingsoftware com product very happy, the key is to use it and your customers reviews will help you grow your business.

  • 4 months to a year for SEO ! Wow how about KISS, Know your business and know your competitor , start right and be realistic on what you can win ! Improve later in phase 2 if needs must be.

    Watch how to build an online presence !
    Work holistic ! Identify competitive Landscapes !
    Run technical and search audits, Identify Issues, Define return on Investment !

  • What about creating good content? But seems that's not good enough. Now as content creators we're forced to spend money to hire a SEO person. Soon, only big companies can keep up with Google's requirements. All the small creators like this will disappear.

    Support your small content creators! It's in your own interest.

  • I just learned of their YT channel for Webmasters.. this is fantastic channel for companies, as many do not invest in SEO.

  • The best part is that "if Google says it, then it must be true" ;). If an SEO consultant says it, then normally clients don't believe them :).

    Thanks Google!

  • Google – thank you for finally acknowledging SEO – and giving website owners the understanding of how to hire a good SEO (like us!)

  • Seriously, thank you for creating this. Our agency has begun using it as a reference point on a regular basis.

  • Please I need some Blackhat Magic Tricks for SEO, pls can you give me a tutorial for that. Hope Google appreciates that.

  • Finally something that I can show to potential clients. Some business owners might think why 4 months? That is because once our suggestions are implemented, it takes Google time to recrawl and reassign value to your website. Again this might vary from industry to industry based on competition and the existing authority of your website. If you are looking at immediate leads or conversions, then complement your SEO campaign with paid campaigns.

    A paid campaign will also help you gauge which keywords or verticals your business is best performing or lagging in which will help with your SEO initiatives. SEO is equivalent to going to the gym everyday, you won't see results on day 1 but gradually build towards it.

  • Some great evergreen content that any potential client or for that matter, any SEO consultant, should consider. Well worth sending over to any prospect who might be unsure as to the most suitable SEO company they should choose.
    Additionally, a great final point that any client should consider as to whether they are ready to commit to the suggestions an SEO expert may propose.

  • Really good video worth a watch when considering agencies for your SEO and even PPC. We have been in the industry since 2008, but it still surprises us all how many companies are either overpaying or are underserviced by their agencies. For a genuine impartial review of you current agencies performance google – ithinkmedia uk

  • Great video – SEO needs to shake off its 'dark' image. There ARE genuinely brilliant white hat SEO's out there, people like Chris Ailey at iThinkMedia

  • I think i air-punched about a bazillion times through the duration of this video. Some fantastic clear advice from Maile Ohye for non-SEO's who are tasked with hiring an SEO, whilst dodging the (many) SEO bull-shitters.

  • Awesome Video I do these exact things with all my client! 🙂 could you guys do a video on the difference of SEO and ADS? I run across many potential clients who shun SEO because they assume im talking of ads. This is because you have many people soliciting themselves as an SEO but they run ads on clients and implement some of the shady practices you had mentioned. They do nothing for their web site or true nature of the the business and online experiance. I think a video that shows the main differences would be awesome and help many people out to understanding you can't buy SEO from and advertisement? I only recommend ads if a client wants to boost revenue on specific services or products.

  • 4 months ???your telling companies to suck all the information we pay for and struggle with so they can get that short cut and then F u we don't need you smh . I hope SEO doesn't turn into a minimum wage job just like machine operating did thanks to companies screwing their workers off so some reach owner can get richer and the poor runs out of opportunities . But than again you can cheat the system if you pay google for adds smh

  • I spoke to tens of people already and they all sounds amateur, crook and greedy. nobody care about your business, they all promise things they can't do or know it is possible. I'm so desperate with finding good SEO for decent price, seems like it's mission is impossible

  • "1. What makes your business, content, and/or service unique and therefore valuable to customers?" Why does everything to be unique?!?

  • thanks very much as SEO is so important and there are so many options and without the correct information it's pointless

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