How to SEO? The BEST SEO search engine optimization tutorial Live – Part 1.

Getting a brand new website and URL into the top ten on Google LIVE. Using search engine optimisation this step by step video tutorial will be hated by SEO companies and loved by businesses.


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  • Getting your business listed on the internet isn't necessarily hard, but you have to know what to do, where to go, and what to write.

  • I'm surprised that you got that exact match keyword domain: it shows that there are still plenty out there. It makes me wonder if it is possible for all us seo types to buy geo-search keyword domains, rank them and sell the leads.

  • I think Bing is going to take over the majority of search shares within the next few years. These recent google updates are just horrible.

  • Hi David, since the recent updates, I have noticed that the Domains are even more likely to reach higher placements, I used this as a fast guide to help local business. on a national basis its very different as you know. But thanks for the comment.

  • You may well be right, Bings aggressiveness in attacking the search market and with windows 8's concentration on Bing they will start to challenge, but, it all comes down to who supplies the best search results to the user. can Bing do this?

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  • When selecting the keywords and keyword phrases for a site, it's important to select those that are specific to the site. Those keywords should also reflect what a prospective customer would type into the search.

  • Learning to SEO can make or break your success online. The thing with SEO, is that it’s the best and the most powerful internet marketing method. Without it, you’ll be leaving a lot of money on the table.

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  • I saw completed your video, it's very attractive and easy to understand what you want to bring to everyone.

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