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Adam LoDolce from talks with Neil Patel about building an SEO agency.

How do I start my own SEO agency?

First, you have to believe in yourself.

The second thing you need to do to build your own SEO agency is to find out who’s doing a ton of ads on Google AdWords, using SEMrush, and it will tell you how much money they’re spending on ads each month.

That’ll give you an idea of how much money a company has.

If they spend $500,000 a month or $1 million, or $200,000, there’s a good chance they could pay you for SEO.

You don’t want to go after the ones who spend a half a million or a million a month because those guys are big organizations.

You want to go after the ones who are spending 20, 30 grand a month.

Now that you’ve figured out who to go after, the third step is to start your own SEO agency is emailing these companies.

Another strategy is to use Crunchbase.

They list out all the companies that are recently funded, their valuations, how much money they raise.

When these companies raise $4 or $5 million, and you hit them and their investors up, tell them what they are doing wrong and how you can help solve the problem.

Investors never want to hear that a company they just funded is messing up.

So you know they’re going to forward the email over.

The investor’s not gonna spend any time or energy solving the problem, but they’re going to be sure the problem is addressed.

The investor will go straight to the person who’s running the company.
Don’t hold anything back when you send these emails.

If these companies have $5 million, they’re not going to take the time to learn things on their own, they’re going to pay the person who just outlined their problems to fix them.

You want to charge five grand a month for someone who raised $50 million or $5 million?

They don’t care; it’s a drop in the bucket.

The genius part about this is you didn’t go for the marketing director or even the CEO of the company; you went to the people who were funding those people.

So it’s guaranteed money.

And if you do well for those investors, they’re gonna tell all their portfolio companies “Hey, this guy did this for one of my investments. “You should hire him for your business, too.” And that’s a great way to get clients.

There you have it, that is how to start your own SEO agency.

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  • Neil Patel is for real, I believe him. But he is what he is simply because of something he doesn't seem to like: the fact that he didn't have anything or anyone for him and he had to pave his own way into success. That's where real learning come from. Now I see lots of folks looking for shorcuts, how-to's, gurus (including Neil Patel himself) etc. Well the real doers are not watching videos on YouTube right now on "how to start this or that".

  • I've started a company, and it was based on a product I can't sell at the moment because It needs further development. I'm also working as a marketer with a partner of mine for the same company we designed this app for. We're trying to grow and build a business to fund the development of this app, AND just in case the app is a flop at least we have funding from a company we've grown to love. . .

    We're enjoying marketing, but we've all but become employee's and THAT just won't do. My funding is very limited, and the goal for 2018 is to grow a Marketing Agency, what would you say are my options? What's the best way to get this thing going?

    I'm calling our potential "competitors" to see what their offering and how much they charge, but it's daunting. . . I've written to other "potential competitors" to become acquainted with the owner and potentially become friends with them. I genuinely feel there is enough business to go around and IF I can help you, you'll help me. In my humble opinion, THAT's how friendships are started and kept (partly).

    Neil, I would love some assistance, I can only imagine how busy you are and how many of these request you must get. . . Thanks for giving this comment your energy -> I've subscribed and am listening, thank you for what you do share.

    I pray to hear from you, I'd love to share more of what we're doing. Please feel free to email / PM me. Have a phenomenal and prosperous day!

  • Hey Neil
    I've been thinking about the thing that how much much backlinks should you have in a 1500 words posts, and how do you recommend about asking eversingle person for backlinks.

    And keep up the good work

  • Hi, nice video liked it and want to know that how much money need to start seo agency and can I start it from scratch?

  • Hi Neil.

    In one of your previous videos about Instagram, you recommended the strategy of following 30 people per hour.

    I want to know if this strategy still works, or if IG could penalize me for that.

  • Interesting strategies. I am getting my first clients on Upwork. How many (and what kind) of references do you think I need before implementing your 2 strategies?

  • Looking for a sponsorship for my channel on youtube maybe could help out with tips or viewership could really use some advice

  • Hey neil thanks for your valuable information. I am going to srt a website.
    For buying domain name. What metrics i should foucs more on.
    Whether a domain name with high PR but low DA and PA or a domain name with high DA and PA but low in PR. Which of them will be more useful in 2018?

    And keep doing the good work.

  • Correct me if I'm wrong. Making bucks through SEO in the past is totally different from present. Does your 5 grand a month from client still makes sense in present?

  • Great advise, and I highly recommend an outbound strategy. It is crazy how many people avoid it, when it can generate a huge increase for your agency very quickly.

  • This sounds good in theory, but in practice its different. I know Neil Patel is a known SEO guy, but he hasn't been in the trenches for so long that he doesn't understand that the rules of engagement have changed and what he did to get where he is does not work anymore and now people have to deal with over saturation from everyone and their fucking mother jumping on the SEO wagon.

  • Hi
    Get quality information in this video. I have a question Neil: How to create strong back links for any website without spending money?

  • Hi Neil. I'm senegalese but I read many of your articles. It's really qualitative. So I want to create my own company on Digital Marketing to help senegalese companies to communicate better but I have any degree on digital. Which advice can you give me ?

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