Is Marmalead Worth it? Honest Marmalead Review for Etsy SEO

Is marmalead worth it? I’ll be completely honest with you in this Marmalead review & tutorial.

Is it worth it for Etsy SEO? See multiple methods I’ve used for Marmalead that have taken me into the bill paying realm of #etsysuccess

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🤪Ok, so in the beginning of the video I said it would be brief. 20mins later and I found myself still rambling about Marmalead and Etsy SEO. Thank you for watching the entire thing, subscribing, and signing up for Marmalead through my affiliate link!

I will be doing more videos in the future about #etsyseo with #marmalead so please subscribe to the channel. I’m wishing you great success in your #etsy endeavors. I believe in you, and know you can become successful selling on Etsy if you continue learning, growing, and mastering Etsy!

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  • Great video but I'm a little sceptical about this app.

    What about EtsyRank?

    Most of the times they present opposite results, especially in the Competition indicator. While one says Low Competition the other says High and vice-versa.

    How do you know which one to trust?

  • Cool Ive been meaning to get a subscription to marmalead for a while now, I use etsyrank but its good to see the comparison

  • I did myself the biggest favor and finally got MARMALEAD!!! Ahhhh! It helps sooo much! Huge thank you to you & Emily! Also, this video helped a lot!!!

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