On Page SEO – 9 Actionable Techniques That Work

Today you’re going to learn 9 of my favorite on-page SEO strategies.

I probably don’t need to tell you that on-page SEO has changed a lot over the last few years. Today, Google is VERY sophisticated about how they evaluate a page’s content…which means that old school keyword optimization doesn’t work as well as it used to.

Fortunately, there are still a bunch of techniques that you can use to rank high in Google. I cover all 9 of them in this video.

Our first factor is to use short URLs. Industry studies show that pages with short URLs may have a slight edge in Google’s search results. You also want to include your keyword in your URLs.

Next up, we have LSI keywords. These help Google understand the context of your page’s content.

You also want to publish long content on your blog. Why? Longer content tends to rank better in Google.

Don’t forget to optimize your title tag for CTR. In the video I show you two strategies that can help boost your click-through-rate.

Also, add a few external links in each article. I reveal a study in this video that shows why external links are important. Don’t forget about internal linking. This is also important.

Our second-to-last tip is to optimize your page (and website) for sitespeed. This is one of the few ranking factors that Google has confirmed that they use.

Finally, include multimedia in your content. I’ve found that this helps boost user engagement –something that search engines directly measure.

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  • awesome video bro. Really helps beginners like me . I started blogging a couple months back and I have 5 articles in them. 4 of them rank on the 3rd page of Google and 1 on the 2nd page. I'll try these tips and let's see if it makes any difference !

  • It really good stuff and tips especially on the LSI & length of content. Is there a proper systematic way to do the internal linking to the 5 older pages? also, could you share on using ( ) for page title meant for pages like About Us or Services?

  • Hi Brian! Great content as usual. I have maybe a rookie question but wanted to ask for your advise. I am creating a blog and I am currently putting content. I am reviewing companies (selling one type of product) and putting reviews on separate pages.

    So, lets say I have made 20 companies reviews on 20 pages. My question is: how it will affect my web SEO if I put the list of 20 companies (with links to the proper page) on each page, where I am reviewing 1 company, so basically it will be list of all companies with links on all pages (something like categories on blog). I wanted to add that companies names are the keywords I am targeting.

    I would be grateful for your advise. I don't wanna mess it up πŸ˜‰ Thanks in advance!

  • Hi brian,

    thanks for the consistency of teach us a gold seo strategy.
    we have been following your tips for 3 years (maybe).

    how your opinion about internal linking page on header and footer. any tips?

    tq bro.
    (keep awesome works)

  • Thanks a lot for Sharing your Great Knowledge
    You are Amazing SEO Teacher
    Continue your Jobs and Good Luck!

  • Excellent EXCELLENT VIDEO!!!! Probably the best, easiest and moat enjoyable video I have watched with lots of wonderful tips. I am going to watch all of your videos and start by writing some 2000 and 2500 word articles. I have already found which of my pages are on the 3rd page of Google (embarassing) and I am hoping to get them ranked higher! Thank you so much!

  • Question: if you are Linking out to a different website, should you link out to a page about the same topic, or to a different topic?

    Thank you

  • Nice tips Brian. I especially love the tip on URL structure. I've switched mine from blog/category/post-name to blog/post-name and redirected old pages 301. Already see the potential and recommend others to do the same. Thanks again

  • HI, how are you? thanks for your video..i checked your blogs and video, here you told us that number six technique is " use external links" , which equal to " use outbound links" , both are same thing or similar or different? please let me know, thanks much

  • HI, how are you? external links: include 2-5 outbound links to authority resourses in every single article. – What is standards or requirements of authority resources? how to know it is authority?

  • As a newbie to the tech world altogether I appreciate those of you who are willing to share your wisdom with those of us that are clueless! Thank-you I'm longwinded, so longer content for me! πŸ™‚

  • i am A big fan OF Your Work ,, Do You Think That I can Master The Seo In one Month ? ,,, Urgent Case Plz Reply As Fast You Can , And Thx For The helpful Videos , I am Gonna Watch Them All , This Is my first Video πŸ™‚ ,,,

  • Can you do a video for clothing brands and how they can rank for keywords? All i see a lot of the time on youtube is for blogs and stuff like that but never apparel/clothing. Figured you would be best to help.

  • there are some product for example, a raw material sodium bisulfate, there are no as such good keyword available for optimization, so what is the best way to on-page seo these keywords and also where to find good keywords

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