ONPAGE SEO SPECIAL! White Hat Vs. Black Hat SEO Show

Josh and crew are back to discuss the SECRETS of onpage SEO!
SEO questions? joshbachynski@gmail.com
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Tools mentioned: serpworx


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Community Volunteer, Hiker, Gemologist, Veteran Startup Operator, 2012 Survivor. I look funny naked.

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  • Hey Josh,

    I have heard that if your sending traffic to your G+ it is equivalent or holds the same weight as sending traffic directly to your site. Does this have any truth? Also what is your opinion on “Google Sites” do you use them for any reason or have any testing with “Google Sites”

  • It would be great if Kyle could go through his software not just from what it can do, but take a real example and show us step by step what exactly needs to be done. I think the most important part is setting up variations correctly which I find a bit difficult.

  • Josh how do I sign up for SIA and what is the cost? And do you have a code of some sort? And if I where to purchase a course teaching SEO basic to advanced or just a great all around course who would you recommend …..And thank you for the show and your time , YOU TOO CLINT

  • "…3-rd world country, Russia.." lol Josh are out of your mind, forget about that outdated cold war stereotypes bro. Your are talking about the guys who have sent the first human in space.

  • ** Reagan got rid of the Fairness Doctrine. The reason is so Roger Ailes could start Fox News. The beginning of the end of our democracy. Ps Polytheism is not Polyamory. 🙂 one is more physically fun than other.

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