Search Engine Optimization for Non-profits


The reason for doing keyword research is simple: you must use keywords – the words
people use when they search – in your website. If Google for instance, goes to your website while indexing and spidering, and they don’t see any keywords associated with potatoes, do you think they are going to want to show that page to someone who searches for anything to do with potatoes? Not a chance. Also, your visitors are not going to appreciate coming to a site that has nothing to do with what they were searching for.

Google Adwords Tool:

Finding the best keywords:
Take each of your chosen related words and enter them into the Google Adwords tool. You’ll probably have a list of at least 20 or 30 rather quickly, but you can rinse and repeat steps 1 and 2 for every related keyword. By following this methodology, you can quickly generate hundreds of relevant keywords that reflect the subtleties — and sub-groups — within your service area.

How Many Keywords is enough?
Many of the most successful online companies will have thousands of keywords. But for most companies and non-profits, you’ll only be tracking the top 20-30 most profitable keywords.


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  • One of the most critical people need to achieve when building their websites and creating content is what keywords they should use and how they are going to use them. It is very important people are able to use the right keywords most people use when they search for certain topics. Google Keywords Tool is one of the easiest and most effective for your keyword research.

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