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– Learn SEO content writing techniques from Fathom SEO. Paul Richlovsky and Daiv Whaley of Fathom discuss SEO content writing best-practices and tips for enhancing written content online. Visit to learn about all of Fathom’s search engine optimization offerings.


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Community Volunteer, Hiker, Gemologist, Veteran Startup Operator, 2012 Survivor. I look funny naked.

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  • hahahah omg I just nearly choked on my food laughing at how short your trousers are! did they shrink in the washing machine or what! lol anyways, good video, high value

  • Glad you found it helpful! We're releasing a new weekly series on digital marketing – check it out if your interested. Every Thursday!

  • Hello! I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your video, and have included it in one of our blog posts on writing content for humans instead of only for search engines.

    Newsflash! Seven Steps For Creating Amazing Content – Please contact me for the URL, I cannot add it to this comment.



  • Glad you enjoyed the video! Thanks for including it on your blog post too, it's a great article!

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