SEO For Content Marketers – How To Create Search Optimized Content Fast That Ranks In Google Fast!

Struggling to create search engine optimized content that gets traffic and grows your authority? This SEO hack is exactly how I force Google to give me the most optimized keyword phrases to search engine optimized content fast.

This video is all about quickly creating SEO friendly content, fast! If you are taking this video in series, you would first need to go through the keyword research video which is here:

The keyword tool I use is here:

The follow-up to this video is how to actually lay out the search engine optimized post on your WordPress blog… Which I cover in detail here:

If you are looking for the honeypot of all my other SEO and keyword research related videos to hyper-optimize your WordPress blog for the search engines… They can all be found here:

In this video I choose a random keyword phrase as if I was an authority niche marketer in that space. This is where we begin so I can build the process of creating SEO optimized content focused on ranking a specific keyword.

From within the keyword tool I pulled my main focus keyword and then the three supporting keywords that are most relevant to the topic.

From here we go to Google and we actually leverage googles data it reveals to us on the search engine results page 2 further optimize and focus our content piece to support our main keyword phrase and the most relevant keyword phrases in Google’s eyes.

This is how we are able to leverage googles data and information to create the most SEO friendly content possible.

At this point we have pulled all of the keyword phrases and data into a random notepad… Or Word document.

The next step is to expand upon these keyword phrases so they become essentially are heading tags or H1 and H2 tags.

We now organize these keyword focused headings in a logical order that would make sense to the reader who finds your content from a relevant search phrase.

Then we expand upon each of these headings to come up with the main sub points that would support that heading and support the overall keyword phrase and topic of the piece.

At this point you have a very simple outline that is search engine optimized for success.

You simply need to add a few sentences to each sub point in order to really make this piece of content come alive. If you are new in a niche you can research each of the subpoints effectively to create the content on the fly….

If you are an expert in the niche you will simply share your thoughts your insights from your years of experience to communicate to the reader why that point is so important.

When you are done you have a piece of content that is ready to be published on your SEO friendly WordPress blog.

If you are making videos, you can use the same process to create outlines to get the main points you will speak about in your videos.

This becomes a great tool to leverage after the video is completed so you can turn your video into and optimize blog post quickly, too.

The real trick to the SEO game is to publish hundreds of these search engine optimized mega posts quickly.

This is why recommend doing a 90 day challenge where you publish one post per day for 90 days. You can learn more about that here:

Completing a 90 day challenge is an amazing feat, but it is also just the starting point… The goal is to continue to publish highly optimized content for the search engines day in, day out, for years on end!

This is the type of work and the level of intensity required to truly create success with your online business.


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  • i feel like you gave me everything that i've been looking for in just 3 videos! the keyword research video, this one and the seo training video! i think you're already the most helpful online marketer on the web. no no most helpful on earth! 😀 thank you

  • Hey Miles, Do you do any offpage SEO at all? If you don't, can google actually pickup your website if you don't have a single backlink and start ranking it? If yes, how much time would it take for a fresh blog to start ranking with zero offpage SEO?

  • Really appreciate this Miles! So informative! How long does blog post have to be? Especially if you are planning a 90 day challenge? I think you said posts need to be long and deep and not for beginners now? Thanks! Alex

  • Interesting that you recommend combining all of the keywords you listed as one super value loaded blog post. It makes a lot of sense. Thanks again for sharing.

  • This is absolutely fantastic and just what the doctor ordered. When you research this topic online there are a lot of well-written posts but they rarely put it all together in a comprehensive, step-by-step format. Yoast, for instance, has a metric ton of articles but Google " cornerstone content" and you get a lot of data but less information. Less stuff you can turn around and use RIGHT NOW. This is where you excel Miles, you give me the information I can use right now to go make a better presentation to a client, write better content online, explain to someone the ins and outs in a language they understand. I have gotten 3 clients this month that I can directly attribute to your guidance and commitment to serving people like me. So thank you. Have a great day.

  • Thank you so much! I was overcomplicating myself creating a blog post.

    This is super super clever.

    I was wondering if you want to rank for a podcast episode, would you use those keywords on the podcast and then put a transcript of the episode so you can rank on Google searches?

    Or what would be a better approach when it comes to podcasting?

  • Miles, your content is awesome! Thank you for the simple to follow plan. I do have one question that I have not seen you address. What about search volume as you look at the results in kwfinder? Is that a consideration in deciding what to write about? I have watched your videos about picking a niche too and I don't think you mention it there either. You do allude to it a couple of times that makes me think it may be something to consider. Could you clarify?

  • Awesome tutorial Miles! I'm actually studying on how to do content and this is really helpful. One question is and this probably applies to any niche is that… like you said your not in this niche and you don't have a dog. How do you write a zero to hero story in your intro if you have no experience raising a dog? Do you just look for one on the internet and tell other people's story? If it's OK to do that, do you need permission to use it? Thanks again for all the well thought videos you are creating!

  • Another amazing video , this is exactly what I needed , an over the shoulder approach to putting it all together , Thank You Miles ! I can't wait for the next lesson !

  • KWFinder is okay. They more than doubled their prices within the last several months. In my opinion they are not worth the money anymore.

  • Again another well done video!!

    Few things the community might find really useful.

    How about a quick video on all the tools you use. Maybe you could then link them back to each of the videos which they were actually talked about in detail.

    next another quick 2~5 min vid that says : If you are newbie this is the order in which you should watch my videos.

    Thanks again and just a thought.

  • Hey Miles, your content is by far the best I've seen, and has helped me out a ton with getting my life together. Thank you. In one of your business arbitrage videos, you talked about reselling hosting. I can't seem to find any good information about that topic, and I know you use A2 hosting, which I went ahead and bought as well. Anyway you can do a video on that, or point me in the right direction?

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