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0:05 It’s Neil Patel for another Q and A Thursday video. I’m here with Adam from

This week’s question is: “Hey, Neil. Great video as always. I have one doubt. When you use the same article from a blog on LinkedIn article or something else, does Google see it as suspicious, like duplicate content?”

0:25 Here’s the thing with duplicate content they don’t care so much about duplicate content, they more so care about the user experience. So if you’re just jacking someone’s content, and you’re just taking it word for word, and you’re not providing any other value, you’re not going to get penalized, you just won’t rank that high for that article.

2:10 A strategy that David invented for us, and this strategy worked really well, and we’re still doing this today, I used to take my blog content and put it all on LinkedIn verbatim, the introduction sells the rest of the article, and he always took the introduction and he put at the end of it: click to continue reading, and it drove traffic back to the website.

Not only, yes, but it’s also duplicate content, Google didn’t care. We still ranked well on Google, but we are generating traffic from LinkedIn, and more importantly, we’re generating conversions, right? Traffic without sales doesn’t matter.

3:00 Now if you’re releasing content on social media: videos, audio clips, and you’re just putting them on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, whatever it may be, put them everywhere. It doesn’t matter if the text is the same, the videos are the same. Even though there’s overlapping in audiences, you’ll find that you’ll get more viewership in general by just putting the same content everywhere.

3:30 We put our Youtube videos on Youtube, right, when you compress them, and you set them up, and you optimize them for us. We do Youtube, we do Facebook, and we do LinkedIn. And funny enough, Youtube does well, Facebook’s does well, but we’ve been getting more views, than anywhere else right now, on LinkedIn.

3:45 LinkedIn, even though we have fewer followers on LinkedIn, they lack video content, so they’re pushing it harder than any other channel, and they’re doing free marketing for us. So make sure you’re pushing out your content everywhere. Social media doesn’t matter on duplicates.

4:00 Now if you want to take that same video and audio content that you put on social media sites on your website, like, yes, you’ll get engagement, but you probably won’t get as much engagement as you will from the social sites, and you’ll find that the video content that you put out on your website and the audio content that you put on your website, even if you add in the transcriptions on your site, it won’t get much Google love.

5:00 I create videos for both my companies, put it on Youtube, and then we have a writer take the main points of that and extrapolate it, and make a different article and a longer article for SEO. Curious, would that make sense to do?

That works well. I don’t know if you’re doing this, but I would do that plus take the video format and embed it into the articles.

5:50 By adding your videos to your website, your time on site increases, your user metrics go up, and you’ll find that your overall Google rankings will increase, but the key is not to just have videos on your site, it’s text, as Adam was mentioning, and embed the videos, so that that way people watch videos on your website plus read the text, the time on site increases, user metrics go up, which overall increases your rankings for your whole site.

So thank you guys for watching. If you like it, make sure you subscribe, share the video. If you have a question for next week, leave a comment below, we may answer it.

We may answer it in another Q and A Thursday video or worse case, we’ll at least, or I’ll at least respond to your comment and answer the question.

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  • This is interesting, as years ago I had a blog that got scraped verbatim and their stolen content blog ended up outranking me

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    My search results ranking getting better compared to the previous month but CTR is dropped(past one-month my website failed to get leads). what is the reason for this? please give me a reply

    Thank you

  • Every single time, you keep outdoing yourself. Thank you, really, Neil! You're helping a lot of people. Good job!

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  • Great content Neil! One small comment. Your push notifications are not easy to see on my phone, since the font is black and there's not much contrast with darkish backgrounds! Maybe you could have a look at this 🙂
    Keep the good work!

  • Hi Neil, another great video. One query… is it ok to use snippets of someone else’s video in my video, if I give credit to that person.

  • And also I think you forgot to mention Neil, that one way of overcoming duplicate content issues is by using the cross domain canonical from the third party site back to yours

  • I'm an Adult Affiliate, none of this stuff works, Google doesn't rank my affiliate content at all, it all gets indexed but zero clicks. I used to earn a living from doing this 10 years ago, I used to be in the top 5 results for 2 term adult related keywords but now there's no chance.

  • How to use Internal Links, External Links, tags, image in a single post, And please tell us only single post seo?

  • Hi, Neil!
    Like always your this lecture is also very informative. I have a question i want to know if my website has some duplicate content in few old articles. So because of that plagirism in old articles my new unique articles affect (I mean will google rank unique content article as a good content or not)

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