SEO & Search Engine Marketing How To Optimize Your Content Marketing For Maximum Traffic From Google

Search engine optimization has more misleading advice and shady “service providers” than anything I’ve seen online. This video is going to give you a solid grasp of the basics of SEO in just one video.

I really turned up the fire-hose on this one! lol. If you want to learn about a great course that breaks it all down step-by-step in a super easy to follow fashion, watch this video next:

Search engine marketing and optimizing for search engines has helped my wife and I grow our business from the ground up with as little as $100 to start.

This small investment in a web hosting combined with a large investment of time and energy creating and publishing content and optimizing that content has led us to reach nearly 10 million people with 20 million page views in just seven years.

If you stay focused on the core concepts and the basics of SEO… Ignore the hype, the sales messages for the shiny “shortcuts” and shady “blog network” vendors you can build a solid website that drives hundreds of thousands of visits per month from the search engines, too.

It is always important to begin by thinking about the platform your publishing to, in this case it’s Google, and what their goals are.

Understanding that the search engines goal is to deliver 1) highly relevant and engaging results for its users and 2) relevant advertisements so it can earn revenue you quickly can realize that becoming a partner of Google who publishes excellent quality and highly engaging content focused on what people are searching for is key.

You can help Google achieve their goals and in return Google will rank you high and drive traffic your way. The only “shortcut” there is to achieve success with search engine optimization and search engine marketing quickly, is to publish higher-quality content more often than your competitors. And for this I recommend you start with a 90 day challenge where you publish one excellent blog post every day for 90 days.

Aside from simply publishing the content your content needs to be focused on a specific keyword which represents a core topic in the mind of your users.

Keyword research is how you get into the mind of your target visitor and understand what they’re looking for what their needs are and where they are in the buying cycle so you can create and craft great content that answers their biggest questions while proving to Google that you are a quality publisher worthy of their users attention.

Here is my video where I show my exact process for doing keyword research… It is an hour-long consulting session I did for a close friend that I recorded to show you my exact process for professional keyword research:

The video goes deeper into how to structure your content marketing within your content management system in order to achieve maximum results. We look at what parts of page design and layout are important for you to focus on so you can trigger the most ranking factors in Google’s algorithm for SEO and outrank your competitors.

From the title and descriptions to the headline, heading tags and the concept of turning your post into a multimedia destination are all covered at length. These are the techy nuts and bolts of SEO and there’s really only a handful of them you need to understand in order to optimize your content marketing efforts.

There’s definitely a lot of overlap from what is covered in this video and what was covered in the YouTube SEO video which you can watch here:

To be perfectly honest, if you really want to dominate at organic search engine optimization your best bet is to also dominate at YouTube SEO creating a content marketing strategy that leverages both video marketing and organic search engine marketing together.

This is why I have continued to mention content marketing because search engine optimization should really just be one pillar in an overall content marketing strategy… And I will cover content marketing in depth later in another video.

Some people (who are often trying to sell you SEO courses) claim that the real “trick” to search engine optimization is all about outreach and getting other people to link to you. I am not from this school of thought and in the process of generating tens of millions of page views through organic search engine optimization, I’ve never really implemented this method. I do not believe you are required to do outreach in order to be successful with SEO.

Other videos you will find helpful are the keyword research video:

How to get organic traffic from Google:

And if you want to learn how a solid Google SEO and organic search engine optimization strategy can boost the effectiveness of your facebook advertising campaigns, watch this video:


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  • Miles, you mentioned that this video will provide a large amount of written content. Do you recommend somewhere to have transcriptions done, or do you do all of your own?

  • Firstly, heaps of admiration for you and your work ethic mate, what a trooper! Just a question, is it worth my time to try to do SEO rankings on a shopify store or is wordpress just the be all and end all?

  • going through all "complete seo 2017 guides" etc etc videos on the tube. This one is by far the most honest. Backlinks matter but shouldn't be obsessed over like a lot of SEO experts make it out to be. Paying random guys on fiverr/konker ~$50 to quad digits for shady backlinks to cheat the system will make you suffer. instead, focus on quality content like Miles. SEO is long term growth and Miles did great up here. Cheers! Subscribed!

  • so when you say make great content, how do you make great content? what are the components of great content?

  • you mentioned Shared Hosting with SSL for $15/mo. but I didn't see a link?
    can you tell me which host you use?
    I'm currently on Inmotion, switched from Bluehost, thinking about A2, what are your thoughts?

  • Some host providers now offer free SSL ceritifcates. I use Hawkhost specifically for this reason. I also like for pics. It costs $1 per picture (for a 450px wide-ish picture) and one can purchase a $10 package, which is good for 10 pics at that size.

  • Amazing vid Miles. It really all takes much more time than I expected if you want to do it right. I know people on YouTube who have produced hundreds and hundreds of quality videos but just because they don't know how to optimize their content they haven't grown a bit! For myself, I have started uploading and even 1 video a day seems very overwhelming as I run a startup as well. I can just publish but if I want to do it right, 1 video literally takes all day if I do it all by myself.

  • Miles could you possibly make a video on how to submit an article about yourself on Wikipedia so that when people search your name you have Your photos and info pop up. I think it's very important for building trust and credibility. All the famous people have it. I was doing some research on it but it seems like it's not as easy as I thought it is. You have to link reliable sources and publishing an autobiography is discouraged by Wikipedia.

    It's just super cool if you could have your info and photos and books pop up when people search your name. What are your thoughts on the whole thing?

  • Great video! Finally, someone who breaks down the complexity of seo best practices; as a brand manager, i at least need to know seo basics to be able to sell it properly as an advisor to a client and know what to look for in an seo team; Miles' macro-level view of proper seo practices seems to solidify sound understanding in a non-snake-oil voo-dooo-digital-magic salesy way; the only thing I wanted to see more of in this video was screensharing of a sample web page showing what Miles is referring to visually while he narrates; 41 minutes of a 'static' shot video without any white boarding or was a tad exhaustive – yet great info nonetheless;

    a question: I found out that wikipedia articles doesnt cover my niche as much in detail as my blog posts does. What do you think about editing wikipedia articles myself and adding backlink to my posts as wikipedia article post? Is this blackhat, shady or do you see a pithole? :

  • Miles, you are a blessing. THANK YOU!! I may have missed this but how many times do we need our keywords in our content?

  • Love your video style, Miles!
    So I'm familiar with the Skyscraper technique and with this trend of making the most comprehensive guides and long-form posts to rank at the top. What do you think would happen/why don't people just take 10+++ posts worth of content and put it all on one page and use a table of contents linking structure at the top of the page for on-page navigation to have a seemingly endless, definitive page on your topic that you keep adding to?

  • This video has given me the complete feeling of inception when it comes to thinking about the best link to click when you search on google "SEO tips and tricks"

  • Such great info in this!! Thank you! Question for you; I'm looking to update and optimize our website and am definitely thinking we need to switch our Blog over to Now, I'm new to this whole side of things so this may seem like a dumb Q, but curious if we need to switch the whole site to WordPress or just the Blog? I guess I'm just not sure if WordPress is for websites, or just blogs. Thank you!

  • Thank you for this info, GREAT CONTENT there are so many people that I have watched that use many types of visual tools i just feel more confused afterwards, great job this was hands the down the most informative straight damn forward message ever, I know I'll have to watch it a few more times to get it all. but I have have a question please… I understand what you are saying about the importance to using WordPress, but I have just built my site in Weebly, which I consider on a scale of 1to10 difficulty level its maybe a 4-5 for a beginner, for a beginner using WordPress can you give me your idea of its difficulty level? Thank you.

  • Wait so is the Skyscraper Technique dangerous, or is White Hat as long as you're getting quality links? In other words, there's no issue in seeking back links, as long as they're legit?

  • Thank you for the great information! When building an Authority post "The ultimate guide…" – How to redirect content from multiple posts to the main page without making duplicate content?

  • do you have a video on how much you earn per month and with how many websites?

  • Miles…I've been doing some Youtube learning over the past few days. Is there a difference between silos, pillar pages and/or topic clusters that Hubspot teaches?

  • Miles…with kwfinder…i have new domain…no PA or DA…should I just start producing content and hitting the low KW difficulty keywords to build momentum?

  • Does it affect your links pointing to your site when you change from HTTP to HTTPS?

    Do you have to do anything like a 301 redirect or does it do it automatically?

  • Hi Miles!, thank you so much for sharing ur knowledge with us!, how much keywords would u recommend as a standard in a page?

  • Sorry Miles but another question. When considering the length of my content and I'm looking at competitor's websites, do I count the comments at the bottom of the webpage or just until the end of the blog post/article?

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