SEO – The way to Millions!!! – StartUp Freak #4

Startup Freak – Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram….all you social media platforms out there….there is a new and better service now: DocFlix!
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  • You NEED to hire a designer!! All of your dev parts of code are done, the reason they're taking so long is because they need more design!!! Localisation would have taken less than half the time you've spent on it so far!!

  • so you have 4 types of personnel, Developers which make the blue code chunks, Designers that make the orange code chunks, Sales (green) which makes advertising more stream lined and aids research time for that, and Ops (purple) which build security, testing, boosters etc. now for feature upgrades you need all four to work together to research it but mostly design and development. you can kinda look at the sliders in the sprint overview inside the circle icons and see whats being done, like if the blue is full but orange is half done you need more designers… TLDR: you need to hire a designer, and an ops guy. try to get two Lv9 people and round out your efficiency so you stop wasting sprint time.

  • Get designers as your code is waiting there with dev part full but design barely.The localisation could've been done by now if you would've hired a designer!!!

  • Doc your updates are so slow because you don't have any designers. On your new features development takes 1 sprint but desing takes few. (On 1st sprint they reach 50%, then they goes up about 2% by a sprint.)

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