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SEO|Search Engine Optimization|Learn how to do your on page search engine optimization for your blog and your blog post!
So today is all about optimizing your blog and your blog post for search engines.


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  • Thanks for this video!! that's exactly what I do for my menu but because I dont' want no text on my categories pages AND I still want to have that green yoast seo button, I write all my text in the color white so it's there but no one can see it!!! lol

  • Ps: I now use the premium version and it's dope! you can add multiply keywords and it tells you also how google is reading your articles and the keywords it sees so you can make changes if needed and you can also choose the title and pictures for the article when ppl are sharing it! it has also more features!!

  • I would like to add Yoast, but I would have to pay $24,99 a month for the Premium account. I don't know if I am ready to invest in that. I will try to improve my tabs and the keywords on them for now.

  • Hey Erica! Wanted to know what size your images on wordpress are. also if you could do a video on how to speed up your wordpress site. I would really appreciAte that!

  • Erika I have one question about optimizing,You said we can add categories to main menu to homepage,right? Then If I want to create post for this category,how to set up this? I mean if reader will click this categorie,which posts will be shows?

  • How many categories do you recommand? I have 12 but think it is way too many. My main topic is Cerebral Palsy. I want to rank for CP.

  • Wow, Erika , you are going with such a speed I can not catch up with you. You are winning the 30 day challange. You are amazing

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