Should Your Domain Name Contain Keywords to Boost SEO Rankings?

If you want to rank higher in Google, having keywords within your domain name makes it easier.
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Just look at They have the term “hotel” in their domain name and they rank really well.

But just because someone ranks well for a term it doesn’t mean they will be the leader in the space. For example, is larger than and they don’t have a keyword in their domain name.

Now, you can still rank if you don’t have a keyword within your domain name. You can always add keywords within your URL structure, which is one of the reasons I rank for terms like “online marketing” even though my domain name is

When picking a domain name try to keep it short and of course if you can fit in a keyword, great. If not, no worries. More importantly, your domain name should be memorable which will make it easier to brand.


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  • you are already best I seen your name first
    awesome video
    please also make videos of some secrets of your marketing
    I love you and keep on supporting forever

  • Hi Neil,
    I am freelance web designer and I need to start my website and showcase my portfolio and want to blogging, the purpose is i want to expert in my industry or niche and get freelance job. As like you did for online marketing. And I want same for web development niche. I not understand I will start with my own personal domain name  "" or any company branded domain name like (Brand name) or Which one is good for me?  What you suggest?
    If I use my name do you think it's longer domain? Please help! Thanks.

  • Neil if I have 100 articles, and in a month I start making a YouTube video for each article, using the same title, does that count as duplicate content for Google?

  • Neil,
    You are Absolutely Right Whenever I Want some Tricks About Something,
    This Website Comes First –
    I Love Your Video Neil. Kudos To You
    My Regards.

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