Simple SEO Steps To Rank #1 On Google Maps [Marketing Agency Part 6]

Make sure you watch this video and avoid these simple SEO mistakes. If you do, you will rank high in Google, if you don’t, you won’t rank #1 in Google.

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Today I answer a viewers question in depth. The question is stated in the video and is very important to know in depth for Local SEO.

The point is, Local SEO works very effectively. Primarily because the people who are searching in Google are looking to purchase something

But with such an advanced process, what are some simple mistakes that you should avoid when it comes to optimizing a local SEO website.

The answer to this is stated in this video, and you can watch it all above.

If you have a question or topic that would like me to cover, then please leave a comment down below in the comments section


Ruan M. Marinho

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  • Going disagree with putting your "keyword" in your business name. You can do a quick search on multiple business and see lots of #1 rankings without putting the business name + keywords. Also even if your going to do this, it's only good for people who haven't started yet, because they already built all there citations without adding keywords in there business title. Another thing, allot of good SEOs say google is starting to consider this bad as its "keyword stuffing"

  • Great videos ! Subscribed and it has helped me with ads etc on my small online business. Would love to reach you and talk

  • When instaling tracking/measurements tools (analytics, tag manager, etc. would I do that from my AdWords acct or start them on they’re own ?

  • Hey Ruan, thanks for giving us detailed info about how to go about the Google 3 pack!

    Question: you mentioned that you charge clients $1,500 p/m. How many hours of work per month you will do per client based on this fee? This is something you discuss with clients that $1,500 per month will be something like 10 hrs of work or how does it go? Thanks!

  • How do I rank my local business for google my business for a specific service that I provide. For example my business name is enlightened massage therapy but I want my business to be at the top of local search maps for “fertility massage” search term

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