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Step-by-Step guide to make $300 per month from Google Adsense for Beginners

Step-by-Step guide to make $300 per month from Adsense for Beginners. Topics covered – Keyword Research , How to find low competition keywords but with high search volume. How to do on-page SEO. How to submit link to Google. How to Index links in Google. Method to use Google Trends for SEO.
Disclaimer : We don’t guarantee that you will make $300 per month as the result depends from person to person but we can guarantee that you will definitely learn new things from this video.

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Guidelines for WordPress Seo and Adsense Approval

Guideline for WordPress Seo and Adsense Approval Complete guides by Sarmad Gardezi

See how to install AdSense in WordPress. It is simple if you use the Google AdSense Plugin. This video tutorial will show you how to install WordPress AdSense for your WordPress ads.

If you don’t see plugins in your admin, you are likely on WordPress.com NOT WordPress.org (self-hosted). For another way to put adsense in your WordPress using code (which works without plugins menu), check out this video for help:

This video and others on our website will help you learn WordPress, Javascript, CSS, and related web technologies.

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How to write SEO friendly Article
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Adsense approval in pakistan 2017

Tutorial: How To Place AdSense Ads On Your Website (Beginner’s Guide) – 2017 Version

In this guide I’m going to show you how you can add AdSense ad units to your website. This guide assumes that you have already signed up for an AdSense account (you can do so here: and have already been approved.

Here is the link to the page I was referencing in the video, that goes over the guidelines on how and where you can place your ads. It is important that you familiarize yourself with these rules so that your AdSense account doesn’t get banned.


Want to hear an explanation on what AdSense is all about? You’ll probably want to watch this video first:

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