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How To Start An Online Business Even If You’re Flippin Broke

How to Start an SEO Business with NO Technical Skills. All you need is a computer and cell phone to work from anywhere you want to. This is a real business you can be proud of.


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Also watch testimonial from former elephant handler who was making $19k a year to $3k in one week.

Written Testimonials:
I started Jim’s coaching and mentoring program in November of 2017, and it has been the best business decision I have made thus far in my career. I had no technical experience building website or performing SEO services prior to starting his program. Currently I am building two websites and I have four SEO clients. In less than three months I have generated $7,850 in income, and I am running my business full time. Prior to starting the program, I was providing social media marketing services for businesses, and I really struggled with the time it took to manage my clients AND prospect for new business. I reached a point where it seemed almost impossible to scale without hiring employees. Jim’s program has allowed me to scale my business, make more money, and actually have more free time.

Jim is a phenomenal mentor with life and business experience you will not find in many places. I have learned so much from him in the last three months that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to be coached by one of the best in the industry. Thank you Jim, because if not for you, I would still be stuck trying to figure out how to grow my business.
Student: Craig Jarrell
My New Company Website: www.flatmountainmedia.com

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I work with individuals wanting to get away from the 9 to 5 grind and having the freedom to work in a business you own and that you’re proud of helping local businesses grow. It’s so easy and even easier to make 5 figures a month and land that 1st client in 30 days. It is so easy to make $5,000 a month starting out.

I have generated millions of dollars for my clients through my expert internet marketing techniques.

———Cameras Used To Shoot This Video ——-
Camera — Samsung NX300

Lens — Samsung NX 20-50mm f/3.5-5.6 Camera Lens (White) Tripod — Amazon
Aluminum Tripod With Bag

Microphone — Movo WMIC70 Wireless 48-Channel UHF Lavalier Microphone System with Omni-Lav

Lighting — Neewer 2.6M x 3M/8.5ft x 10ft Background Support System and 800W 5500K Umbrellas Softbox Continuous Lighting Kit

DISCLAIMER: This video and description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support!

Alex Becker SEO – White Hat SEO for Highly Competitive Terms Live Tutorial

SEO Mastery Course ► ◄

In this video tutorial, you’ll learn how to use white hat SEO in the right way for highly competitive terms. After watching, you’ll be able to use SEO to rank for extremely competitive keywords.
This is step by step tutorial with the live proof of ranking sites.
White SEO is the most effective form of SEO out there. If you don’t know what is it, white hat SEO is a practice used to improve search performance on a search engine results page and it is in line with terms and conditions of a search engine.
In this video, Alex Becker will teach you white hat SEO techniques that will help you improve your website’s search performance on Google and other search engines. These techniques are very important because not engaging in White Hat SEO can get your site banned from search engines. And it’s very bad if you get a lifetime ban from any of them.
White Hat SEO methods are something that you should definitely implement!
Keep in mind that this form of Search Engine Optimization is long term and it actually takes a time to get going. That means it won’t happen overnight. But if you have a website that has already build authority, has a lot of backlinks etc. you’ll see results relatively quickly. On the other hand, if your website is brand new, don’t have any kind of backlinks or SEO done it will take months until results will become visible. However, keep in mind that this type of SEO is the most effective still in 2017 and it will bring you good results!
Becker explains everything in the training video so make sure you watch it carefully.

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(white hat SEO)

Tutorial: How to make an online store FREE

Tutorial: How to make an online store FREE
Give me those Likes!!! Share away! seriously though, I did this because I just know that it will help someone out there that is just wishing and hoping they could afford a website… This way you don’t have to. This will get you started for FREE and has more functionality and freedom than say an etsy or amazon or something like that. Plus it will be a foot in the right direction for google search and getting ranked on that first page quicker because Google absolutely loves ranking their own properties!

BIGdeal Marketing

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Local Video Marketing SEO Company www.TheLocalVideoSEO.com in Macon GA with BIGdeal Marketing Video and Digital Target Marketing and SEO Services in Macon, GA and beyond, with BIGdeal Marketing. Ranking on GOOGLE and YouTube is the biggest SEO must have right now! We are the Best SEO Company in GA and we can Get you Ranked on GOOGLE and YouTube!
The #1 Ranking Service in Macon, Warner Robins, Central GA and Beyond. We can guarantee Organic Ranking on GOOGLE in your Local Target Market area for the most commonly used keyword search phrases!

So What’s The BIG deal?!
…Marketing!!! …that’s the #BIGdeal

We are a Digital Marketing Company bent on driving motivated customers straight to your door! Customer Reviews are a very strong way to Market your business via the internet… Search Engine Optimization is an even more powerful tool used by the pro’s to increase their customer base. Well, we’ve gone one step further and combined these two Powerhouse Marketing Ideas!

Video is the next big thing in SEO! We can provide the professional videography and photography needed to take your project or company to the next level! Did you know that Google bought YouTube?! Yep it’s true. So now Google is ranking video higher than other media on the internet including webpages! They want people to watch more YouTube because they own it now! This means if you rank with a video on the front page results in a GOOGLE search then you get better click through! That video link also pops up with an HD thumbnail where others will simply have that oh so common blue text link. Get ahead of the competition with the Video SEO Specialists here at BIGdeal Marketing!
The Local Video SEO

Ranking means; …when someone searches for your business type or a service you offer on Google.com, whatever website or page or map or video is at the top of the search results list has “ranked”.

The value of having a positive review video of your business or service as the top search results on Google is almost innumerable!

It’s a #BIGdeal …You’re a #BIGdeal …and we want people to know it!

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32.8406906128 -83.6324005127

We Sold This House With Video!
Please watch this Google Ranked Video: “Lakefront Home For Sale in Macon GA on Lake Tobesofkee”


SEM RUSH Tutorial: SEO Keyword Research, Link Opportunities for Beginner SEOS

SEM Rush tutorial – Best Keyword Research Tool – Easy SEO Link Building – SEM Rush Demo – Safe Guarding Rankings Tip – Start an SEO Consulting Business.

PBN Vendors, How to Scale a Private Blog Network Easily –

Leave that day job already & start an SEO consulting business – At Dynamik 365 we’re here to guide you each step of the way.

In this video Dino Gomez takes you out to Mexico on an inflatable raft because he’s crazy. And then he introduces you to SEMRUSH & demonstrates how to uncover great keywords, find link building opportunities, tips you off on how to safe guard rankings, & more.

This video is for beginner SEO Consultants who want to learn an easy and effective way to do keyword research.

Particularly one of my favorite tools to use is SEM Rush. A lot of SEOs don’t really know the power of SEM Rush so in this video I show you a few ways to use this powerful software.

PBN Scaling Tips – Easy MGT –

This is not something you’ll see Alex Becker show you at Source Wave or that anyone has covered in super depth outside of the legend himself, Ryan Stewart.

How to Rank Easily and Faster on Google? (Simple SEO Tweaks) – Hernan Vazquez

How to Rank Easily and Faster on Google? (Simple SEO Tweaks). Ask me any SEO question here:

How to do Proper On Page SEO:

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How to get backlinks to your site for free

How’d you like to see my secret stash of untapped authority backlinks that I personally use to rank for competitive keywords?

Well consider yourself very lucky…

because today I’m going to pull back the curtain and share some of my absolute BEST sources with you.
This method will help you to earn quick backlinks from high-quality pages. Broken link building technique is to find broken links on a website (related to your niche) and email the content owner and notify them about broken link. Along with that, give them a similar link from your website (Similar content which you already have to create one), and ask them to update their post.

1. Submit Guest Post to Other Blogs (List of Blogs to guest post)

2. Comment on do follow blogs and make sure these blogs are relevant to your own blogs. They might not carry too-much of link value, but it will still be beneficial for overall link-profile of your blog.

3. Start Relevant Threads in Forums and Link to Your Blog Posts

4. Link to Your Blog in Your Forum Signatures (Only high quality forums)

5. Social bookmarking is also considered as backlinks and you should target following network: Google plus, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest to name a few.

6. Make Use of Discussion Boards by Linking to Your Blog in threads. Quora is one such HQ discussion board.

7. Make Use of Blogging Communities by Submitting Your Blog Posts to Them, some great places to start are Blog Engage, Inbound

8. Ask Questions related to your blog in Answer Sites like Yahoo Answers and Link to Your Blog in your questions

9. Answer Questions in Yahoo Answers and Cite Your Blog as the Source

10. Interlink to your blog and other posts on your blog when writing on your blog.

11. Exchange links with other bloggers in your niche. Make sure to form link pyramid and keep it natural.

12. Submit Your Blog to Top Blogging directories (Again quality mattes here) (Find a list of Blog directories here)

13. Write a mail to influencer who write on the same topic and encourage them to share it on social-network. You never know how much one sweet email can make a huge-difference.

14. Submit your blog to top niche directories

15. Network with other bloggers in your niche (Online and offline) and links will automatically follow you.

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How To Get Local SEO Clients – 6 Strategies – Make Money Online From Home

Local SEO – How to Get Local SEO Clients – How to Start a Local SEO Company – Learn Local SEO

See the Top 6 Ways I get Local SEO Clients – No referrals – Pure Lead Generation Using 6 Different Strategies –

The Most Valuable Skill set you Can Have is Lead Acquisition. If you have several ways to acquire new, cold leads; you’ll always be in business.

In this video Local SEO expert, Dino Gomez, reveals 6 crafty local SEO lead gen strategies to help you land new clients.

Dynamik 365 is your resource or learning how to create a business a from home. We show you how to escape your 9-5 job and run a successful remote business.

Learn from the top SEOs in the industry on the 6 Figure SEO podcast –

We are your #1 resource for aggregating the top SEO content on the web! If you wan to learn SEO; we have all the resources for you!


How to Triple SEO Leads in 10 Minutes – Easy, Smart, SEO Tip

Triple SEO Leads in 10 Minutes with this 1 trick! Grow your SEO Business –

Want to learn how to become an SEO consultant?

We show entrepreneurs and other SEOS how to grow, scale, achieve excellent results for their clients!

Starting your own SEO firm is the easiest way to make money from home!

Enjoy our free tips and video training at:

-Dino Gomez
-Dynamik 365
-SEO Consulting
-SEO tips

Seo Zen Pro Review SEO by alex becker

Alex Becker “SEO ZEN PRO” Discounted wordpress plugin By Alex Becker has just been launched.SEO ZEN Lite and PRO – (( link Below)).This program will change search engine optimization forever. This is a SEO Zen / Pro review . This program is created by Alex Becker who has been dominating SEO for many years.

You dont need to be a SEO Black hat warrior , read the review and download via our discount link to get your SEO done QUICK.

Direct Aff link for SEO ZEN lite / Pro :

SEO ZEN WordPress plugin review described below. Here is what “la-Doh” blooger and internet marketer had to say about becker

Whats up Alex, I’m trying to make at least $2000 a month for starters then increase the income from there. I love your helpful articles and software and tutorials. Things is just still moving slow for me. And I loose hope at times. Then I jump back. Your new plugin is already starting to do wonders for me”.

Alex becker not only teaches bloggers and internet marketers to make money , but also professional SEO ‘s on how to get clients and make money for them.Some of his smore popluar software and products other than SEO zen are SEO OMEGA snd SEO infinitum

Check out some of the latest software from him below

SEO ZEN Lite and PRO –

Other software

SEO Infinitum – SEO Infinitum – The World’s Leading Monthly SEO Updates & Strategies To Rank Right To The Top, Every Time.
Infinitum 17 day trial –

SEO Omega – SEO Omega: The Ultimate And Definitive Guide to SEO, by The Ultimate SEO Authorities On The Internet.