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Hey everyone!! Sorry its been so long since I uploaded 🙁 I will try to post more when summer hits for me but I have been focusing on school more, especially my math. Ive been trying to get it finished before the summer. I promise I will try my best to upload videos when I am available. I hope you all enjoy :)Oh yeah! I have been active on my insta so if you want to dm me you can if you have any questions or put them in the comments below!:)

What is AEO (Answer Engine Optimization)? Are You Ready for AEO? | DMM

What is AEO or Answer Engine Optimization? In today’s Digital Marketing Moment (DMM) video we’ll explore the rise of AEO, the differences (however subtle) between answer engine optimization and search engine optimization, and why AEO is becoming critical to your success in sourcing natural seatch traffic to your website from mobile devices and virtual assistant searches.

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Translated titles:
¿Qué es AEO (optimización del motor de respuesta)? ¿Estás listo para AEO? | Dmm

Was ist AEO (Antwort Motoroptimierung)? Bist du bereit für AEO? | Dmm

Ce qui est AEO (répondre à l’optimisation du moteur)? Êtes-vous prêt pour AEO? | Dmm

O que é AEO (otimização de mecanismo de resposta)? Você está pronto para AEO? | Dmm

क्या है AEO (उत्तर इंजन अनुकूलन)? क्या आप AEO के लिए तैयार हैं? | DMM

Who are best seo company in Wales? We give you the answer RD Internet 029 2190 0209

Who are best seo company in Wales ?

In order to find out who is the best internet marketing company in Wales you need to use Google search. If a company can not rank their own website for a related search term to their business, how are they going to rank your website.

For example if we search for ” internet marketing cardiff ” as an example you may see the website.

They rank well for this term which is very competative with over 2,940,000 results shown by Google.

It is therefore likely that they know how to rank websites in Google and if you search for the same term on bing you will also find RD Internet ranking well.

This shows they are one of the leading seo companys in Wales.

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Who are best seo company in Wales ? We recommend RD Internet who are based in Cardiff South Wales.

How To Appear In The Google Answer Box | International SEO

If you’re interested in finding out more on this topic, download our free guide on how to be featured in Google’s Answer Box here:

Saga’s Adrian Phipps joins us to explain how to get your content to appear in Google’s Answer Box. We discuss the value of the appearing in that position, which SEO tactics can help achieve that visibility and how good, relevant content is fundamental to success. Adrian also explains how quick answers should fit into an overall international SEO strategy.

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(00:16) What is the Google Answer Box?

Key takeaways:
– The Google Answer box is a snippet of information in a grey box that appears above the organic SERP rankings in Google.
– It sometimes appears when a user searches for a question and is a chance by Google for your website to provide an answer without the user having to click onto your website.
– Two types of queries can result in a Google Answer Box: discovery intent queries (e.g. what, how, when, where and why questions) and purchase intent queries.
– It is a fantastic opportunity to raise brand awareness.

(02:28) What tactics can help you to appear in the Google Answer Box?

Key takeaways:
– Answer a question!
– Conduct research to find out which questions your users are searching for, and then create content that answers those questions.
– Only answer questions that are relevant to your business and industry.

(03:24) Where should you have your answers on your website?

Key takeaways:
– You should have an article page on your website. It is best practice to answer the question in the first 100 words. If appropriate, this page should be backed up by assets such as videos, calculators and widgets that help the user to understand the topic.

(04:08) If you appear in the Google Answer Box, there’s a risk that the user will simply read your answer and leave without actually going to your website! How do you ensure that they go onto your website?

Key takeaways:
– You need to persevere and build a good authority as a content owner. This will help you to rank well in the search results in general.
– Make sure you have follow best practice for technical SEO, on-page SEO, brand awareness, PR, citations, backlinks and social media. This will expose your brand to your audience and over time they will be more and more encouraged to check you out.

If you’re interested in finding out more on this topic, download our free guide on how to be featured in Google’s Answer Box here:

The Best Free Video Editing Software Recommendations

There’s not a lot of free video editing software out there. The best free programs are the ones that come with your computer: either iMovie or Windows Movie Maker. However, Lightworks could be a decent alternative.

We review several video editing programs, including Adobe Premiere Elements, Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and more. These are not free programs, but if you’ve outgrown your free editing software and are ready to make an upgrade for a price that’s smaller than going for the professional Adobe software, they might be good next step.

Windows Movie Maker:
Adobe Premiere Elements:

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