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Ecommerce SEO Audit: 3x Ways To Increase Search Traffic To Your Store

The easiest way to increase search traffic to your store is with an ecommerce SEO audit. So in this video I am going to show you 3 easy ways to perform a professional ecommerce SEO audit.

And not only that – I am going to show you how to fix each problem that we find together.

The first 2 methods are super easy that anyone can pull off.

But the 3rd method is where we get down to the real nitty gritty for the more experienced SEO.

So no matter your SEO experience, this video is going to teach you the right way to perform an ecommerce SEO audit to increase search traffic.

I have never had an ecommerce SEO client that didn’t have onsite problems, so if you have never audited your store – I GUARANTEE you have problems that are hurting your search traffic.

Whether you are running on Magento, Woocommerce or Shopify it is important that you do regular SEO audits on your store – you’ll be surprised at what gets through!

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00:43 – Easy Ecommerce SEO Audit Method #1
01:13 – Easy Ecommerce SEO Audit Method #2
02:03 – Advanced Ecommerce SEO Audit Method
02:36 – Internal Duplicate Content
03:29 – Missing/Duplicate Title Tags
04:20 – Missing/Duplicate Meta Descriptions
05:08 – Missing ALT Tags
05:27 – 404 Errors
06:09 – Noindex Tags
06:51 – Find & Fix Redirects
07:22 – Canonical Tag Audit
08:23 – Site Speed
09:42 – External Duplicate Content
10:36 – Increasing Search Traffic To Your Store

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Performing your first ecommerce SEO audit can be daunting but don’t worry, I am here to help!

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How to Do an SEO Audit (in 20 Minutes or Less) [AMS-09]

In this SEO audit tutorial, Joshua Hardwick shows you how to do an SEO audit in less than 20 minutes.
Full Blog Post:

This video will walk you through a simple 16-step website audit process to ensure that your on-page SEO factors are following best practices.

Here is a timestamped breakdown of all of the steps covered in this video:

00:55 – Check that only ONE version of your site is browseable
02:00 – Start a website crawl
03:10 – Check for indexation issues
04:23 – Check that you rank for your brand name
04:38 – Manually perform some BASIC on-page SEO checks
08:00 – Dig into the on-page issues (in the crawl report)
08:39 – Check for duplicate and thin content
10:09 – Check that your site (and individual pages) load FAST
11:08 – Check for structured data errors
12:16 – Analyse organic search traffic
13:39 – Check that rankings are heading in the RIGHT direction
14:53 – Find low-hanging ranking opportunities
15:50 – Analyze your backlink profile
17:06 – Find and fix broken links to (and from) your site
18:06 – Find “content gaps”
19:16 – Conduct a full content audit

Here are the tools you will need:

Ahrefs ►
Google Analytics ►
Google Search Console ►
Google PageSpeed Insights ►
Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool ►
Copyscape ►
SERP Simulator ►

Don’t forget to check out the full in-depth blog post –

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seo quake -dụng seo quake, website seoquake.

Seo Quake Add On Chrome Seo quake free download mozila:
“seo quake add on firefox” Forum Searches – With SEO Quake installed, do a quick search through Google for specific keywords, Analytics for seo quake plugin Search results for “seo quake for mozilla” Search results for “seo quake chrome extension”

SEO Audit: How to Fix Your Website’s Technical SEO Issues (Tutorial)

This tutorial goes through a full SEO audit using Ahrefs’ Site Audit tool. The example website is a VERY popular website where we find and analyze thousands of technical SEO issues.

More specifically, you’ll learn:

» how to conduct a website audit for over 100 SEO errors, warnings, and notices
» how to analyze your website’s SEO health
» how to read through Ahrefs’ SEO audit reports.
» a simple workflow to correct your website’s issues.
» how to automate your audits and monitor it over time.

Technical SEO is one of the rare things in search engine optimization that you have full control over.

And it’s something that you shouldn’t ignore as it could prevent your website from reaching its full ranking potential in organic search.

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SEO Checklist: How to Do an SEO Audit on ANY Website (2018)

Download the entire SEO Checklist with links to all the resources:

If you’re trying to find an exact, step-by-step SEO checklist that you can use immediately, you’re going to love this video.

The 2018 SEO checklist is designed to help you execute a comprehensive SEO audit on any webpage within any site.

It’s a very direct, straightforward process that will drive more traffic and more customers to your website as quickly as possible.

Once you’re done, you will have clearly defined what’s working, what’s not, and action steps on what to work on first.

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How to improve web app & site SEO with Google Lighthouse Audit for free!

SEO is not dead. Knowledge Management is just an another name or whatever you say. All website owners and webmasters want to excel on that Google search rank (SERP).

Learn about Google Light house audit to improve your website’s SEO.


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How To Do A Small to Medium SEO Audit Like Chase Reiner (2018 Edition)

Here’s how to give a comprehensive SEO audit for a site with under 5,000 pages indexed, to see current index type the following into Google: site:nameofsite.com and look at number of results.

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