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Yo! #004 – Worlds Blackest Black, Captcha Fail Stats, Techno Timelapse, Tooltip JS Library

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Phase Design Tool:
Hyundai Pavilion by Asif Khan:

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## Dev News 02:22 ##
Captcha Fail stats:

## Remote Jobs 03:20 ##
Video Editor at Sticker Mule:
UX/UI Designer at HotJar:
Product Manager at Zapier:

## Tech Events 03:30 ##
SXSW, 9-18 March, Austin, TX:
Winter Workweek, 26 Feb-02 Mar, Yosemite:

## Techno Timelapse 03:46 ##

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Headbanger Highway 2 – Victor Olsson (Intro)
Drummy Bass Steps 5 – Niklas Gustavsson (Design News)
High Energy Teens 9 – Victor Olsson (Quote)
Pure Gold 2 – Niklas Ahlström (Dev News)
Happy Elevator – j0nmark (Intermission)
Lights Out, Work Out – Niklas Ahlström (Techno Timelapse)
All In At Night 1 – Niklas Gustavsson (Wallpaper)
Cobra Boots 1 – Niklas Ahlström (Freebies)
Concrete Jungle 3 – Jan Chmelar (Mail Time)
Wanna Go Back – Squiid (UX Shout-Out)
Zombie Raiders – Wave Saver (Submit Details)
Headbanger Highway 2 – Victor Olsson (Outro)

White Hat vs. Black Hat SEO – Craig Campbell at Optimisey

SEO Consultant, Craig Campbell, speaking at the January 2018 Optimisey – the Cambridge SEO MeetUp.

Get the full transcript on optimisey.com
Transcript excerpt:

Thanks for coming along. Just about
myself – I’m Craig; I’m from Glasgow; I’ve been in
the SEO industry for 15, 16 years now and
started out as a freelancer in my
bedroom –
pissing in the wind, the same as everyone else [laughter]
and I built up my own digital
agency and I’ve changed direction since
then I do training and consultancy now, you
know, because similar to what Andrew said
that to start those stress levels that, you
know, once you get to there five or the
eight year period, or whatever it was, hundreds
of clients, not a lot of profit, whole load
of stress and staff and all that stuff
it wasn’t for me so… I revised my of
working which is obviously each to
their own – agencies are for some people,
dealing with clients are for some people –
it’s not for me there’s plenty of ways
and when you’re an experienced SEO
where you can make money and so I put
down a different route. I do speak a lot of
events: BrightonSEO I’ll be speaking at
in April 2018…? Still got to get used to
that one, spoke at SMX Milan in November, I
regularly speak on SEMrush, I’m a host
and feature in a lot of their webinars and
and I talk at a lot of other events aswell,
just trying to pass on some
knowledge to people. So my SEO career
you know everyone looks at people and
goes: “Why should I believe this guy?” you
know it could just be another dud SEO
there are millions of them out there
who’ve read a book – so I’ve done
a year in-house, training with a company
thought I was really good at it – which I
probably wasn’t – I really didn’t know
anything more than on page – but went out
as a freelancer started to charge people
money and and started to learn. Then I
started to build up my own agency and
that’s where the real learning curve comes.
You know you’re dealing with, you know, things that are outwith your remit
like, you know, the stuff you were talking
about:user experience and stuff like
that so you’re learning the whole, the whole
And now four years, the past four years
I’ve probably been doing what I’ve been
doing which is: training agencies
and the individuals who want to make money or whatever you know,
just passing on your knowledge and the
mistakes that I’ve made over the years
so… Agency life wasn’t for me you know I
was awarded, I won awards for being an
agency you see my name’s somewhere … about
there 2014, it wasn’t that long ago, won
an award: business leader of the year – but as I say, I had 17 staff at one point they
you know staff… are not reliable they, you
know they’re not skillful enough, and and
you know they let you down, or they
want to run away and start up their own
business [laughter] so agency life for
one reason or another wasn’t for me
and so, erm, but you know the main
question out of everything to do with SEO
– so I’ve been there, I’ve been in an agency, I’ve done

What is SEO? Black Hat SEO? Search Engine Optimization Explained

Namaskaar Dosto, is video mein maine aapse SEO ke baare mein baat ki hai, SEO kya hota hai Search Engine Optimization ka matlab kya hai, Black Hat SEO kya hai aur aap kasie apni website ya fir Youtube video ko rank karwa sakte hai kisi search engine mein. Mujhe umeed hai ki aapko yeh video pasand aayegi.

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Namaskar Dosto !!
Is video me main aapko bataunga ki aapko kyu cracks ka istemaal nahi karna chahiye isse aapko kya nuksaan ho sakta hai aur updates kaise black hat hackers ki dushman hai. aasha karta hu aapko ye video pasand ayegi.

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What is SEO ? | Search Engine Optimization | Black Hat SEO vs White Hat SEO | Rank Websites In Hindi

Hey Guys,
This video will explain you SEO (Search Engine Optimization), How Search Engine works to rank websites in Hindi.
What are the factors which depends on SEO in Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

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Queries Solved:
1) What is SEO in Hindi
2) Search Engine Optimization Details
3) How to rank website in Google
4) How to get organic traffic from Google & YouTube
5) Factors depending on website ranking in Google, Yahoo, Bing.
6) Google Ranking Algorithms 2017 & 2018

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