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4 Proven Ways to Get More High Quality Backlinks and Boost Your SEO Rankings

One of the best ways to grow your search engine rankings is to get more high quality backlinks. But, if your website isn’t linkable, no one’s gonna link to it, which means you’re not gonna rank. Here’s are 3 ways to make your site more linkable.

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The first thing you need to do is add a blog. This is definitely one of the best seo link building strategies that works today. People love linking to content and information, especially ones that educate or that are humorous or that tell jokes or anything that entertains. If you don’t have a blog, then you’ll never get any backlinks! Who wants to link to a contact page?

The second thing I have for you, and this works extremely well to produce a ton of high quality backlinks if you’re a B to B company, is to have case studies. When you have a case study, the company that you’re featuring usually will link back to it and promote it. So, if you’re a B to B company, head up all your customers and try to create case studies.

The third thing that you need to do is create detailed guides and content, like ebooks, white papers, advanced guides. This will boost your SEO because people love to link to them.

When you do this, people are like, “Oh my God, this information’s so amazing, “it could be a book. “I woulda spent 50 bucks buying it on Amazon, “but I can get it from your site for free now.” That’s what causes a lot of backlinks.

And, last but not least, create infographics. I know infographics have been out for a long time, but people have stopped doing them. I don’t know why. They still go viral, people love linking to ’em more than any other content type out there, but for some weird reason, people have gotten lazy and they’re like, “Eh, let’s not “create as many infographics.”

So, you know what, go to dribbble.com and you can find infographic designers.

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How to Boost gigs on fiverr trick SEO TUTORIAL Secret Tips

What is Fiverr SEO How to Ranking on Fiverr first page of your existing keyword:

Fiverr SEO is similar to the other SEO if you a YouTuber or marketing expert then you can understand what I am saying here.

For the new users let me clear this Topic Fiverr SEO, SEO means “Search Engin Optimisation” so basically you have to optimise the Fiverr Search Engin to pick your content/gig and show to others.

First, decide the category that you want to choose for your gig, For example, my gig is “I will do the best logo and intro animation for you in 24 hours” so my keywords is “Logo Animation” “Intro Animation” also I am adding in 24 hours so the people like the fast delivery.

I Put the keyword in my title, SEO title and tags as well, then I go the next page and add these keywords in my description 3 to 5 time, not too much.

Also, I have selected the Category and Sub-Category by choosing these keywords

Tip: the Category and Sub-Category are basically giving you your desired keyword, so you have to choose.

Add Video into your gig Video can increase the Ranking 40%

Add 3 quality and eye-catching gig images.

How to find best Tage:

For Example, i am Motion designer and I do Logo and intro Animation so I have an idea what kind of search keyword people using to find me.

For example:

1: Best Logo Animation.

2: Profesional Logo Animation.

3 Cool Logo Animation.

4: Amazing Logo Animation.

5: Awesome logo animations.

So now I have an idea my first keyword that use most is Animation, put “Animation” into your tags “Logo Animation” ”Intro Animation” these are most used keywords, remaining 2 keywords you can choose like “Profesional Logo Animation” & “Best Animation”

How to Boost Sales:

Once you set up all the setting above you have a chance to become a seller on the first page of your keyword search or maybe 2 or 3.

So the people will contact you when they have seen your gig in search results.

Share your gig link to your social media pages.

Daily send 10 requests to the clients.

boost gigs on Fiverr trick SEO TUTORIAL is complete.

Adobe After Effects Basic Tutorial 1 Urdu

Logo Design Using Photoshop Easy Tutorial Urdu

How to transfer money from Payoneer to bank account

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Should Your Domain Name Contain Keywords to Boost SEO Rankings?

If you want to rank higher in Google, having keywords within your domain name makes it easier.
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Just look at Hotels.com. They have the term “hotel” in their domain name and they rank really well.

But just because someone ranks well for a term it doesn’t mean they will be the leader in the space. For example, booking.com is larger than hotels.com and they don’t have a keyword in their domain name.

Now, you can still rank if you don’t have a keyword within your domain name. You can always add keywords within your URL structure, which is one of the reasons I rank for terms like “online marketing” even though my domain name is NeilPatel.com.

When picking a domain name try to keep it short and of course if you can fit in a keyword, great. If not, no worries. More importantly, your domain name should be memorable which will make it easier to brand.

Boost Your SEO With Wix

Want to boost your ranking in search? Do so using the Wix SEO Wiz.
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Wix SEO Wiz is a tool that provides a comprehensive analysis of your website. It will analyze your keywords, even offering alternative suggestions to improve. After evaluating your website, the Wix SEO Wiz will give you a detailed checklist of practical steps you can take to improve the SEO of each page on your site, with explanations of why each step matters, and how to complete it.

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5 Free Tools To BOOST Your Google Rankings (WordPress Websites)

Boost your Google rankings with this 5 FREE TOOLS taht can help you climb the ladder to the very top of search queries. Get started now:

You won’t see results overnight, even if you’re doing everything correctly. That being said, if you arm yourself with these free SEO tools – and have a willingness to see the job through and choose the right keywords – reaching that coveted first-page spot might only be a matter of time.

Let’s recap the five tools:

0:33 Pingdom Speed Test: For analyzing your site’s speed.
1:29 Chrome DevTools: For obtaining more detailed performance data.
2:33 Alexa: Great for all-around ranking and keyword information.
3:39 Google Keyword Planner: A great tool for researching keywords.
4:15 Google Trends: A simple tool to refine your keywords using historical trends.

Are there any other free SEO tools that you would recommend to other WordPress users?
Share them with us in the comments section below!


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YouTube SEO Boost – How to INCREASE YouTube VIEWS

How to INCREASE YouTube VIEWS – Boost YouTube Views with SEO

This ethical YouTube seo tip makes easy to identify just how competitive a keyword phrase is or is not on YouTube and Google. How you may be wondering?

By leverage the chrome browser ability to “find” words or phrases on any given page. Couple that with the fact that the YouTube algorithm factors in the relevancy of the video title, tags and description to that of the keyword phrase query.

If you want to learn how to increase youtube views, then this is one video you won’t want to miss.


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How to make a Google Plus post to boost and improve SEO

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In this tutorial I explain how to boost your SEO with Google Plus. Many people don’t realize this, but when you create a new Google Plus update, that update actually has its own web url, and is able to be searchable in Google.

In addition, you are able to structure your Google Plus posts to resemble a real page. You can create a title section, a little description section, the body of your post, and even a footer are where you should add your hashtags. You can also embed videos and photos in your Google Plus posts to help the SEO of your videos and any other links you put into your Google Plus updates.

Another great thing you can do is to try to grow the number of your Google Plus followers. The more followers you have, the more authority your posts will have within a specific niche.

Personally, I try to use Google Plus all the time when I need to help my content rank in Google search or YouTube search. Since I started using Google Plus as one of the social networks where I promote my content I have seen a boost in search rankings of some of the content that I promoted there. This doesn’t happen with all content, but I do see that it helps quite often.

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this person (conanedo2) , his method are very powerful even after penguin update this method still works. I often get rank boost to page one google in no time (5-7 dasy). And he always give excellent service, before fiverr maintenance he had a lot of review but after maintenance he change the thread, BUT it still the same service.. For easy competition i often get page one 🙂