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Link Building | Powerful SEO Technique To Build a Strong Domain Authority




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Today we are going to talk about a powerful SEO technique that will help you build a strong link reputation for your website via backlinks.

We are going to use a website called drop my link, which is basically a script that googles for you specific stuff based on the keyword you put in.

What I usually do is to comment on some website where I am interested to leave a comment and if they have a nice domain authority, and then I run a broken links check on the domain.

If the website I am on, have some broken links, I just contact the owner of the website and ask politely if he can replace the broken link with my website link. So that he will improve his SEO and I will gain authority.

You can play with the option of drop my link, you can find .gov or .edu domains accepting comments or guest posts, and there are so many options. Just play with all of them and always run a broken link test on the websites you land on.

I hope this will help you.


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Broken Link in SEO bangla tutorial by urbanwork

Hello guys welcome to urbanwork. In this video you will know about
Broken Link in SEO bangla tutorial by urbanwork.

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Please watch: “Importance of Do follow and NO follow Backlink SEO bangla tutorial by urbanwork”


What is WIKI – How to Get Wiki Backlinks

Learn What is WIKI and How to Get Wiki Backlinks.

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উইকি কি ? কিভাবে উইকি ওয়েবসাইট এ লিংক ও ওয়েবসাইট ভিসিটর পাওয়া যাই ?

Broken link building : Step by step guide how to get backlinks to your website

Broken link building is a way to get backlinks to your website.

This is my step by step guide.

This is the approach I use for building seo backlinks called broken link building and has been the most effective method of increasing my website rankings.

When you inform a website owner that a link on their website goes to a page that does not exist anymore, you are doing the website owner, the person visiting the website and Google a favour.
You are actually helping and providing real value.
It is very annoying to read a page, click a link on the page and the page doesn’t exist anymore.
I reached out to a website owner last week and told him his website had a broken link but he was too busy to fix the link.
So I scanned his website and found it had over 800 broken links.
I don’t have the facts or proof if Google penalise websites with lots of broken links.
However, from my extensive search for broken link opportunities, there are millions and millions of broken links out there that need to be fixed.
Even my website had 20 broken links on it last week.

There are 7 steps to the broken link building process.

1. Find a page that no longer exists with lots of websites linking to it.
2. Go back in time and re-create or improve upon the content of the broken page you found on your website.
3. Export and filter the list of broken links.
4. Find the name and email address of the people who own the website or wrote the article.
5. Send an email offering to fix and replace the broken link.
6. Reply to the email, show them the broken link and offer the replacement.
7. Repeat.

Here are the tools you need:

– A subscription to Ahrefs.com.
– Excel or Google Sheets.
– A subscription to YourOutreach.com.
– A subscription to Headreach.com.
– A screen capture software such as Snagit or Jing.
– The ability to create a page or blog post on your website.
– There are other tools you can use but I’m sharing the method and tools that have worked for me.

I said good links aren’t cheap.
Ahrefs.com subscriptions start at $99 a month.
I use the $179 a month plan.
They also offer a free 14 day trial so you can experiment and try out.
You need Excel or Google Sheets to sort and filter the list of broken backlinks that you will export from Ahrefs.com.
Then I use YourOutreach.com that enables you to import a list of web pages and they will try and find the contact details of the website owner or writer.
Then the software enables you to compose an email and send a personalised email and follow up emails.
When I cannot find names and emails of website owners I use Headreach.com.
You enter a website, company or name and their software will try and find contact information from LinkedIn.
Finally, you need the ability to create a web page or blog post on your website.
I use WordPress and Business Catalyst for the 2 websites I run.
If you are not familiar with creating web pages I recommend you create your page or article in Microsoft Word or Google Docs and get your website content editor or webmaster to create the page in your content management system.

How To Find High Quality Backlink Opportunities with Ahrefs

In this tutorial – full process at – I will show you how to find high quality backlink opportunities by looking for broken outbound links using Ahrefs Site Explorer.

Step 1: Find A List Of Popular Blogs

Go to Google and search for popular blogs in your niche. In this example I searched for “best healthy eating blogs 2015” and clicked on the first result.

Grab the URL of a blog you would like to get a link from.

Step 2: Put The URL Into Ahrefs Site Explorer

Enter the URL you copied into Ahrefs Site Explorer and hit search.

Step 3: Go To Outgoing Links, Broken Links

This will show you all pages on the domain which have broken outgoing links.

In this example Ahrefs has found 583 pages with broken links.

Step 4: Filter Out NoFollow Links

To start with, use the “link type” filter to show only dofollow links. These are more likely to be high quality, editorial links.

Step 5: Check Out One Of The Pages With Broken Links

Click through to one of the pages with broken links to verify that the links are broken.

You can use a chrome extension such as ‘Check My Links’ to quickly confirm this.

Step 5: Create Your Own Resource To Replace The Broken Link

When you find a broken link, go ahead and create a similar piece of content that you can offer as an alternative. The higher quality you can make this post, the more chance you will have of picking up quality backlinks.

Step 6: Find All Links Pointing To The Broken Resource

In our example there were 66 backlinks pointing to the broken URL. Once you have created your similar content you’ll want to reach out to as many of these as possible to pick up more links.

Step 7: Set Filter To Show NoFollow Sites

These will be likely to be comment links to sites which are no longer active/expired.

Again, you can check to see which sites are linking to these expired domains and reach out to them advising of the broken link and offering your site as an alternative.

As you can see, from just one site we can potentially find hundreds of potential quality backlink opportunities.

Step 8: Repeat The Process

Go back to your original list of top sites in your niche and repeat the process!

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