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SEO tutorial for beginners | SEO in Telugu | Learn Complete Digital Marketing in Telugu

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Ahrefs Complete Review (2017) – MarTech Wiz

In our Ahrefs Review, we take an in-depth look at this SEO software tool. Our MarTech Wiz team goes through each section of Ahrefs.

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Here are some topics we cover in this demo and walkthrough:

Pros and Cons
The Dashboard
Site Explorer
Content Explorer
Keyword Explorer
SEO Toolbar

Local SEO: Complete Guide 2017!

I have put together a two hour start to finish guide for ranking any local business in search engines for 2017!

Please let me know if you have any questions, comments or feedback!

**I hope this is helpful for you, and please feel free to contact me for a free website SEO audit! (limited time only)**

Time points are included for easy accessibility to any topics you may want to skip to.

0:00 – Introduction

2:00 – Explanation of the new Google possum update and what it means for local SEO and the map pack.

8:52 – On-page audit using BeamUsUp. This includes explanations of canonicals and 301 redirects.

13:03 – Shema.org markups for a service area business explained

15:44 – Website UI/UX

18:05 – On page-optimization in WordPress including image optimization and a brief mention of local keyword strategies

27:35 – How to increase sitespeed, which web hosts are the best in 2017, caching and image compression plugins, fast SEO-friendly wordpress themes, and content delivery networks (CDN)

**34:30 – Website Architecture and internal linking. An overview of Nearby Now for case studies, local content creation, the optimal website structure for a local business, and how to create advanced local website silos. In addition, I will discuss 301 redirects for website redesigns.**

59:30 – This section is an overview of the Google My Business (GMB) best practices. For some reason, Google puts a lot of weight on the business name when ranking in the map pack. It is important to report any spammy competitors that are using fake names or misinformation. In addition, I recommend having a local phone number, a completely filled out profile, and the proper categories.

1:04:10 – What you need to know about Google reviews: after 5 reviews you will get a star next to your listing, and that is helpful for clickthrough rates. I then run through how to create an emailable review link for your Google my business listing.

1:08:11 – A brief discussion of the importance of “hyper local” citations and links. How to audit NAP citation consistency and fix them using Moz Local.

1:14:00 – Yelp optimization for services area businesses. I recommend: Including keywords in the specialties section, hiding the address of a local business operated out of a house, and strong online reputation management (ORM). In addition this section will include how/when to legitimately flag a review.

1:20:15 Google Search console: How to verify your website and what to look for in your account. Structured Data, internal linking, search analytics, HTML improvements, Robots.txt and more.

1:30:55 – How to register with Google Analytics and implement the tracking code on a WordPress website. After the code is on the website, I will show you how to test to make sure it’s working using Google Tag Assistant.

1:34:55 – How to link Google Tag Manager (GTM) with a website. The video will show using event tracking to track link clicks and in this case calls.

1:49:30 – Link building using SEOprofiler, Moz Open Site Explorer, and manually.

1:59:55 – End – Outro and special offer!


Google review link:

Google Possum Update:

Site map tool: bubbl.us

Best citations by business category:

Website redesign SEO:

On Page SEO Guide:

Google Tag Manager Event tracking:


Moz Local
LSI graph
Google Tag Assistant
Nearby Now:
SEOprofiler: www.seoprofiler.com
Moz Open Site Explorer:

Content Marketing – SEO 2018 Complete Guide (Part 11)

Today we cover content marketing for a huge skyscraper post we’re working on. I should you how to use a content upgrade to automatically have people opt into to your email lists for your posts. If you want to see the previous videos where I started this skyscraper post check out:



and the rest of the guides here:

Tools and links mentioned:

Here’s the code for anchor tag jump links:
a href=”#p2″Part 2: On Page Signals
(in brackets, Youtube wont let me use them)
and then
a name=”p11″/a
(in brackets)

Please watch: “How To Dominate Local SEO (Live Walk Through Tutorial)”


Instagram Marketing 2018 – Social Media Marketing 2018 Complete Guide P7

Looking to learn Instagram marketing in 2018? Here’s the tutorial for you. Today I cover a bunch of things you can do to increase your following and interactions on Instagram. Not only that but you can use some of these tips to get more snapchat followers or cross promote any social media platform.

Here’s the comment template for

Awesome!!! Add me on snapchat? My name is chaserer 😀

Thanks for this! Add me on snapchat? My username is chaserer :smirk:

You’re awesome! Send me something on Snapchat! My username is chaserer :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

If you want to see how I get snapchat followers on Youtube check out my snapchat marketing guide:

Here’s all the other social media marketing guides:

Link to social media scheduler apps mentioned: – and

Best times to post on Instagram:

Sunday: 5:00 p.m.
Monday: 7:00 p.m. & 10:00 p.m.
Tuesday: 3:00 a.m. & 10:00 p.m.
Wednesday: 5:00 p.m.
Thursday: 7:00 a.m. & 11:00 p.m.
Friday: 1:00 a.m. & 8:00 p.m.
Saturday: 12:00 a.m. & 2:00 a.m.

Please watch: “How To Dominate Local SEO (Live Walk Through Tutorial)”


SEO Copywriting – SEO 2018 Complete Guide (Part 10)

Looking to learn SEO copywiting that works? This is the guide for you. Today I show you how to structure and re purpose your content with the skyscraper technique.

Here are the other guides mentioned:










Here’s the code for notepad ++ script:

remove numbers [0-9]

remove other junk –

remove lines ^( |t)*rn

remove extra spaces rn

Notepad++ download:

Backlinko’s post mentioned:

Please watch: “How To Dominate Local SEO (Live Walk Through Tutorial)”


Google Adwords – SEO 2018 Complete Guide (Part 9)

Today we cover all the different things you need to know for Adwords in 2018. More specifically, anything that falls under PPC advertising and search network campaigns. I show you how to collect valuable data and optimzie your ad score and ad rank to run seriously effective search network campaigns.

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Local Adwords course mentioned:

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Please watch: “How To Dominate Local SEO (Live Walk Through Tutorial)”


Google Analytics – SEO 2018 Complete Guide (Part 8)

If you’re looking to learn Google Analytics in 2018 this is the guide for you. Here we cover a basic overview for the entire GA interface. I show you all the different sections and topics that you will want to know for your websites.

Previous guides:

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Please watch: “How To Dominate Local SEO (Live Walk Through Tutorial)”


Twitter Marketing – Social Media Marketing 2018 Complete Guide P5

In this tutorial we cover unique marketing tactics you can use on Twitter in 2018. Some tactics we cover include, twitter advanced search( twitter analytics, social media optimization, hashtag research( how to get updated automatically with tweets from important people on twitter, automatic engagement with likes and follows ( and ( with auto clicker ( followerwonk ( and klout (

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Please watch: “How To Dominate Local SEO (Live Walk Through Tutorial)”