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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) For Dental Practices

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One of the most powerful ways to dominate your market is to make sure that your website shows up first when potential customers search for certain keywords in your market.

While the way Google works may seem random at times, your ranking for certain keywords is actually based on a formula that you can use to your advantage. This is called “Search Engine Optimization” or “SEO” for short.

Ranking higher in Google for certain search terms is something that most people think is very complicated. With a little patience and some basic knowledge of how it all works however, it’s a lot easier to rank in your local market than you might think.

There are literally hundreds of things you could do when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. When we’re working with our Local Clients and we launch a “SEO Campaign”, we tend to focus on a few key elements that we’ve found make the greatest impact.

It all starts with making sure we rank for the right keywords and expands out from there.

Let’s cover the core things that we do when we work to Rank Our Clients Higher on Google.

#1: Conent.

Not all keywords are created equal. One of the core things that you need to figure out before you start optimizing your website is what keywords that you want to rank for.

One of the most important ways that we help our clients rank for certain key terms is through the use of regular new content on their site.

The key to doing this correctly to write content that is interesting to your core clientele, but also plays well with the Google’s search algorithms.

This is something that is often overlooked by traditional SEO firms, but it vitally important as Google’s algorithms have evolved.

#2: Citations.

A citation is anywhere online that mentions your business name, address, and phone number, such as business directors, social platforms, and other websites.

When it comes to SEO, the more citations that you have (which are ACCURATE) the more likely Google will trust your website, which leads to higher rankings.

If you have lots of citations online, but the information is inaccurate or or inconsistent among them, Google will lower the trust factor of your website, which will lead

#3: Backlinks.

Also known as inbound links, backlinks are created when one website links to another. These are important when it comes to SEO as it provides an exchange of “trust” between two websites.

If Google detects that multiple websites of “high authority”, or websites that contain many backlinks and are known for providing accurate and valuable content, are pointing to your website, Google will improve your search rankings as it appears that you’re getting a “vote of confidence” from other authoritative websites.

If you are receiving backlinks from other websites that do not have high authority within Google’s eyes, the backlinks could be meaningless and in fact, could possibly lower your ranking.

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Digimax Dental Get You, and Get You There!

We are an award-winning Dental Marketing Agency based in Marylebone, London. We have been helping practices Stand Out and Grow since 2003. Our team consists of dental web designers, SEO experts, branding specialists and graphic designers. From website design, social media, through to digital advertising and printing – at Digimax Dental, every marketing need for your practice is catered for – requiring minimal input from you.

Google Maps For Dentists – Dental Search Engine Optimization

Google Maps for Dentists is the quickest way for dental practices to increase leads and sales for their practice.

A dental marketing priority should be creating and optimizing your Google My Business listing with the most detail possible. Including images of your dental office, highlighting your most profitable services, and making sure all your information is uniform across all search engines is required.

When your Google My Business listing for dentists is optimized properly, your business will rank for the most important keywords, terms, and phrases. Important means those that are going to attract new potential clients to your dental practice.

The goal of your dentist office should be to rank locally, in the city in which your office is located. We have identified hundreds of terms that every dental office can rank for on Google My Business. Imagine ranking for all of these terms in the city in which your dental practice is located:

dental studio
dentist in your city
dentist near me
dentist near you
cosmetic dentist
cosmetic dentristy
best dentist
best dentist near me
teeth whitening dentist
emergency dentist
emergency dental office

These are just a few. Imagine if your practice ranked at the top of Google maps for dentists in your area. How much additional business would that mean to your dental studio? How many additional clients per month would you service by having a well optimized Google Maps for Dentists? Contact us today and learn about some of the amazing results we have achieved for our dental clients. One local dentist was able to achieve 45 number one listings on Google Maps for their dental practice in just 30 days. You can do the same.

Contact our office today and find out why so many consider us the best seo company for dentists at 240-477-7085 to learn more.

Dental Marketing That Works :How to Attract a Steady Stream of New Patients to Your Clinic

Dental Marketing and Dental SEO :
Great dental marketing campaigns aren’t born overnight. Prepare to spend at least a week or two making your marketing plan. You need to understand you cities demographic, their income level and their proximity to your office(s).

We have a tried and true system for a digital marketing campaigns that work. We want you to be able to focus on your business and spend less time worrying about marketing.

In today’s dental market, there is no getting around using the internet, social media and reviews for marketing. As a dentist, this can be overwhelming. In addition to running your practice, taking care of all the front office and administrative duties, marketing can end up taking a back seat.

You are faced with the daunting task of finding a marketing company that can deliver a steady stream of new patients to your practice. Digital marketing companies are a dime a dozen and they all claim that they can deliver results. Here is where we are different from the other marketing companies.

The Digital Marketing Biosphere
Before we go any further, let’s discern what a successful campaign is. What does it deliver?. When we look at past successful campaigns what do we see as a level of success?

.Let’s explore them together!

1. Understand Who Your Perfect Patient Is:
This is the basics of marketing and we are aware you have been “pitched” this before, but it bears reiterating: know your audience! We don’t want to see you spend money on marketing and have it not work

Where are your future patients spending their time on the internet? You need to know so that you can choose where to push your Facebook ads. It’s also vital to target customers close to your practice.

2. Marketing Perception
Since you know who your patients are and where they spend their time, you’re ready to craft your plan of attack. What do you want your digital promotion and marketing campaign to promote? Do you want more cosmetic, more sedation or just more patients?

What are your goals for the campaign?

3. Stick to Your Budget.
You don’t usually think of a budget as an aspect of marketing do you? By creating a budget, you can assess which social media platforms you can afford to advertise on.
Make sure you monitor your spend versus your return.

4. Pick your Platform( s).
This step might seem silly to do before you create content but hear me out. If you pick where your content is going to go, you can personalize it for each platform. Instagram is an entirely different approach than Facebook as an example.

If you choose to use Instagram, you’ll need something that can show your work..with before and after images. Patients want to see what you do and they need a trust level to engage with you.

5. Create
It’s time to put your creative staff to work! This is the fun part. Depending on the platforms you choose, you’ll need different content. On Facebook you can be a bit more detailed than you can on other platforms.Catchy titles, humor and irreverent topics will get more views than mundane or preachy blog posts.

Spend the right time researching into what interests your audience. It’s much easier to interest them in something already on their radar than something new.

Content Marketing Blogs.

Visual Material.

It needs to be visually appealing if you choose to use content marketing. Make sure your spacing is correct and not hard to read. People react to images in articles well, especially infographics!

Make sure you’re using bold colors that work well together. Make sure they aren’t overcrowded with text if you’re using images for something like Instagram.

Keywords are essential for all kinds of marketing. If you don’t know what patients are searching for, you won’t reach them

Using the right keywords for your market and audience brings potential patients to you, rather than you must deliver to them. Spend as much time researching the words you’ll use in your hashtags as you would with content keywords.

Using keywords in visual marketing appears differently than in content blogging. Ads and videos use hashtags to engage patients in their campaigns.

7. Connect Connect Connect
Congratulations, since you’ve reviewed all these steps you can post your content! Don’t sit back and relax yet, your job isn’t over. Formerly, it okay to deliver marketing material and then consider the advertising done.

Marketing is not easy. It takes bunches of consideration and long hours of research. If you do it right, in the terms of business growth, anything is possible.

Thankfully, Breakthrough Dental Marketing has a tried and true system for a digital marketing campaigns that work. Connect with us, we can help.

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Dental Clinic Marketing Experts – Baja Dental Marketing


Baja Dental Marketing is a premier provider of Internet marketing services for dental practices in Baja California. We provide our clients with a fully managed, “done for you” marketing system that integrates proven Internet marketing strategies like search engine optimization, pay per click, social media, reputation marketing, website design, and way more! This system is managed by a team of experts that have years of marketing experience.

Case Study | Hampton Dental | Dr. Rick Winter | Dentist

Dr. Winter had 4 different websites for different aspects of his practice. All of them were ranking poorly, and he requested that Advice Media optimize them to improve his search results.

After following Advice Media’s advice and new strategy his search engine results are greatly improved and his website traffic has skyrocketed. Learn about the best practices we implemented and how they have impacted his business.

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Dental Clinic SEO San Diego | Search Engine Optimization | Local SEO

Dental Clinic SEO San Diego | Search Engine Optimization | Local SEO

Amped Local is a professional Internet Marketing Agency and SEO company in San Diego, California. Our #1 goal is to generate more leads for our clients with a focus on web traffic and customer conversions. Our SEO Experts are trusted and experienced in Search Engine Optimization services, Local Marketing, AdWords Management, Facebook Ads, Local SEO, and Digital Marketing and Internet Marketing. We would love to help grow your business, expand and increase sales. This is a small business marketing agency in San Diego, CA that helps local businesses earn page 1 ranking in Google, Bing and Yahoo. We are experts in local, national, and international SEO marketing as well. Contact us for PPC Management, Facebook Ad Management, and Google AdWords Management. Internet Marketing is our passion and we service all of United States and International Countries. Some niche markets we serve include solar, real estate, lawyer, dentist, roofing, car dealers, home builders, and limo just to name a few.

Contact us today for a Free Business Analysis at 619-382-3845 or visit our website at www.ampedlocal.com. Thank you.