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DIY SEO: 9 Powerful Techniques To Rank in Google

Today you’re going to see 9 of my all-time favorite DIY SEO techniques.

The best part? None of these strategies require an SEO agency. So if you want to get higher rankings and are doing SEO yourself, I recommend watching this video.

Here’s some of the cool stuff you’ll learn in the video:

First, I’ll show you a set of words you can add to your title tag… words that can increase your organic CTR.

Next, you’ll see a cool strategy for finding long tail keywords (and no, I’m not talking about Google Suggest).

Our third strategy is to reduce your bounce rate. I show you why Google may pay close attention to your site’s bounce rate and use it as a ranking signal.

Even though it’s not clear if Google uses bounce rate as a ranking signal, they definitely use organic click through rate. That’s why I dedicate an entire tip to helping you get more clicks.

Next up, I show you not one — but TWO –white hat link building techniques. Yup, backlinks are still super important. That means that link building is a key part of an DIY SEO campaign. And in the video I outline two strategies that work insanely well.

And finally, I show you a simple way to create the type of content that Google wants to rank at the top of the first page.

I end the video with a quick bonus DIY SEO strategy.

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Do It Yourself SEO Or Get A Provider? – Diy Search Engine Optimization (Seo) Internet Marketing

Do It Yourself SEO. Websites nowadays mostly gear towards getting high traffic volume. This is because the more people visit their site, the higher the possibility of generating income. This is especially true to sites that belong to the buy and sell category and to those who offer various kinds of services through the Internet.Paid advertisements could increase traffic volume towards a site but another way to do it would be through search engines. Use of search engines is the primary method of web navigation for almost all Internet users. To get high rankings on search engine result listing means more chances of getting visited by web surfers. Now that majority of web traffic is directed by major search engines such as Yahoo! and Google, you would want your site to be found by search engines and your content be put into their databases so that it could be easily made available to Internet users.On a quick note, SEO is about improving traffic site from a search engine towards a particular website via search results. This is done by making a site’s content and design accessible and easier to be indexed by search engine crawlers.There are many ways on how to optimize a site and some of these techniques could be done by anyone who has time to sit down in front of a computer and manipulate websites. Some techniques that you could do yourself are building links, selecting a proper domain name, text formatting, content revision, and putting the right body and keywords in a site.There are also books that you could buy and online forums you could visit if you want assistance in doing SEO. Aside from that, major search engines also give assistance to webmasters by providing information and guidelines that could help with site optimization. Google has Sitemaps which helps webmasters learn if they are having any problems with indexing a site and at the same time provides data on Google traffic to the site. Yahoo, on the other hand, has Site Explorer which provides a way for webmasters to submit URLs, determine the number of pages in the Yahoo! index, and view link information.These do-it-yourself ways could really improve a site’s ranking in search engines. However, results from these could be way behind from results of SEOs performed by providers. There are many notable providers today that offer many different ways on how they would improve web traffic to your site by making your ranking in search engines go up. These techniques are rather technical in nature and involve in-depth knowledge about how search engines work.SEO experts usually fine-tune a site’s contents and design to make it easier to be indexed by search engines. They also improve your link popularity. Moreover, the best reason for working with experts is that they are equipped with tools, knowledge, and tricks that could get you the attention of major search engines.The option of doing SEO yourself or hiring experts actually depends on the nature of the website. Though, realistically speaking, everyone wants their site to be visited by many surfers, there are sites that need more traffic than others. Usually, sites that need great volume of traffic are those that are into the buy and sell business or ones that are built to promote business opportunities.
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Quick Start guide for DIY Local SEO pt 1 Google Plus Local Page

Business Homepage

Business Guidelines

Connect Brand to local page

Verification Information

These websites below are not affiliated with RMX Digital studio but have great visual guides for you to use

Google Plus image guide for classic view

Google Plus Image guide for updated 2016 look

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Organic SEO setup
and more!

Thank you for watching, please let us know in the comments below if you wanted more detailed information in this video or if it was just enough to help get you started.

Future videos will include Facebook and Facebook ads, using twitter to connect to clients, how to use youtube to drive website visitors, setting up citation sites and setting up business directories.

Installing DIY with Softaculous in cPanel

With this quick tutorial, learn how to install DIY, an open source web application framework, using the Softaculous tool in cPanel.

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