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How to win with featured snippets | International SEO

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Izzi Smith, SEO Manager at Sixt, talks about featured snippets and how to make the most of them.

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(00:28) Why should businesses be thinking about featured snippets? Why are featured snippets so important for SEO?

(01:14) Some queries and some types of content are more suited to appearing in featured snippets than others. Where should you start when trying to determine which webpages or types of content to focus on optimising for featured snippets?

(02:56) One concern that some businesses have regarding featured snippets is that if they give people the answer in the search results, then these people are not going to visit the website. This is a problem because the purpose of websites is to get people to visit them and generate conversions. How can businesses use featured snippets without them stopping all their website traffic?

(04:02) What about the actual content itself that goes into the featured snippet? What do you need to be doing differently on your webpages to inform the search engines that this content could work well in a featured snippet?

(05:12) Position zero is a coveted spot! There is only one featured snippet for every keyword so it is quite competitive. What can people do to ensure they have an edge over their competitors and end up in position zero?

(06:44) What about if you’re doing this on an international scale, targeting different countries and different languages? Have you seen any differences in the way featured snippets work internationally?

(08:08) Sixt has seen good results with featured snippets. What kind of success rate have you seen and what impact has it had on your business and conversions?

(09:58) How can you track whether you are appearing in featured snippets?

(11:19) What are your top tips for businesses wanting to optimise for featured snippets?

WordPress Theme Development part-5. How to Create Post Thumbnails Featured Images in WordPress

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By Ruhul amin (Ruhul Academy)

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1.WordPress Theme Development part-5. How to Create Post Thumbnails Featured Images in WordPress

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Google Updates, Featured Snippets, SEO, AdWords & More

– This week in search I covered some search algorithm rumblings. Google’s Danny Sullivan wrote a comprehensive explanation of featured snippets. I explained the confusion around ranking versus indexing. Some SEOs are aligning their content around searcher intent. Google explained what you can do when you max out your disavow file. Google said you can try to rank for different keywords on the same page. Google’s algorithms don’t try to figure out reading levels. Google said they skip the content on the non-canonical page. Google Search Console is sending out fix it emails. Google Search Console has a survey where you can tell them which reports you want added in. Google AdWords added insights cards to the overview page. Google My Business lets restaurants now add or edit their menus. Google is testing a local news feature named Google Bulletin. Google doesn’t want you to use the term AMP in certain ways. Google Dance will happen in Tokyo but what about at their home at the GooglePlex. Google made a new Twitter account named SearchLiaison. I hung out with Danny Sullivan last night at Google NYC and spoke to engineers about SEO topics. We also honored this week Ian Lurie, Melanie Mitchell, Greg Finn, Susan Wenograd and Simon Heseltine. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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How to Dominate Half of the Google Search Results Page – Google Featured Snippets

Read the article here :

More Tips & Tricks like this :

You’ve almost certainly seen Google featured snippets when performing a search online. Usually it’s a short two or three sentence answer to a “how to…” or “what is…” type question.

The content that shows is compiled from one of the pages that ranks highly for your phrase in the search results, and is placed just above the first organic result in SERP and just below paid ads. In addition to the brief answer to your query, the featured snippet also provides a link to the page with this content.

Here’s an example of the Google featured snippet/answers box shown for the search term ‘how to invest in gold’ on Google.co.uk:
Google Featured Snippet

It isn’t a paid advertisement and you don’t have to rank number one organically to appear here. In the example above, MoneyWeek are ranked number two in organic search for this term, but are showing in the Google quick answer box.

This featured snippet stands out a lot more than the ad above it and the search results below it, meaning eyes are going to be focused on the content in the box, which should ultimately lead to a higher click through rate to the associated webpage.

The importance of the featured snippets increased even further recently, when Google removed right hand ads and placed an additional ad at the top of search results for some search terms.

This reduced the amount of screen space/real estate available above the fold for organic results, meaning that optimizing content for answer boxes is now an even greater opportunity for SEO’s to get their content in front of potential customers.

As you can see in the image below, there are four ads, the answer box, and only one organic result above the fold:
Four Ads at the top and featured snippet

Imagine if you ranked number one in organic search for a term, but you also featured in the Google quick answer box, and not only that, but you also had a paid ad in fourth spot. SEO and Paid Search working together, hand in hand, dominating more than 50% of the screen. Now there’s an opportunity worth exploring…

Add some Adwords, Facebook & Native Ad Network remarketing to your webpage and your potential customer will be seeing your product in their sleep.

Contact us for more information on what a mutli-channel/integrated marketing strategy can do for your business.

That all sounds great, but how do we optimize content for these boxes?
Here’s the thing. To rank in the answer boxes is an art rather than a science. There’s no set rulebook to follow that will work 100% of the time. However, there has been a recent study of over 5,000 searches by Matthew Barby, SearchEngineLand.com author and Head of SEO at Hubspot.

This study found that for high volume keywords, click through rate increased by over 114%. Mathew’s research also produced seven great takeaways to help you rank in the answer box section of the search results page.

Back-links matter much less for ranking in the Featured Snippet when you already rank on page one.

There should be an area on the page where the search query appears in a header h2, h3, h4, etc..

The full study can be viewed here:

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