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Focus on Your End-User – Training Workshop for Directory Software

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Webinar Wednesdays – Week 37 – Brilliant Directories Webinars (4.4.2018)

Thanks for joining Brilliant Directories’ co-founder, Jason Haloossim, Marketing Consultant, Patrick Brunelle, and Senior Directory Coach, Gabriel Solis, for the thirty-seventh edition of Webinar Wednesdays! This webinar was recorded on April 4, 2018.

This webinar covers topics including:
– 7:20 – Weekly Website Showcase:
– 52:40 – Multi-Category Checkbox Filter: category search filtering in sidebar (
– 55:45 – How to quickly grow your member community
– 1:00:00 – Where to add valuable keywords on your website (continued at 1:15:03)
– 1:01:40 – How to cater your site to your end-user
– 1:08:43 – What makes a good pricing page?
– 1:11:57 – Importance of collecting data to improve SEO
– 1:13:34 – Google Trends: keyword popularity research tool
– 1:20:54 – Utilizing the “Upload CV/Brochure” member feature
– 1:27:01 – Add a border to website modules

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What SEO Factors Should You Focus On First?

There are tons of things to work on when you’re trying to improve your SEO. What are the two factors that are most likely to move the needle? We also touch on some other factors that you should work on as you go along.

Remember that boosting your SEO is a continual process of evaluation and improvement, and incremental progress is part of that process.

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Focus on Your Marketing Strategy with SEO tools: Squirrly 2018 Briefcase

Squirrly Briefcase is here to help focus on your Marketing Strategy. It will let you decide on your Keyword Strategy and make sure you don’t forget about it and create content that doesn’t follow your marketing goals.

You can find more about it:

It’s also great if you collaborate with other content creator, freelance writers, or your own team. Everyone that has an account in your WordPress Site will have access to the Keyword Strategy and know how many articles or pages have been optimized on each keyword.

This will make it easier to decide on new topics that will reinforce the strategy you have in place.

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How to focus your SEO side hustle on rapid growth

Learn how to focus and quickly transition from
an employee with a “SEO side hustle” and blow through being a consultant working in your business, to a leveraged operator or agency delivering predictable, repeatable, growing profits.

If you are interested in learning more about outsourcing and how I do it you can check out my Ultimate outsourcing guide here.

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Yoast SEO Plugin Focus Keywords Explained

Focusing on retarded Yoast Focus Keywords? Then you are doing SEO WRONG (despite your site gaining few rankings here there). Test? Show me your most important rankings and I’ll out-rank them within 2 to 4 weeks. Focus here instead: how to use Yoast

To Learn More about Focus Keywords visit:

Learn more about how search engines began here:

Recognizes words with similar meanings. Did you know that latest Yoast Plugin Update has major issues? RankYa.digital has a private video showing you which ones

How to Bulk Update Focus Keyword | SEO by Yoast

Learn How to Bulk Update Focus Keyword | SEO by Yoast

In this tutorial you will learn how to bulk update focus keyword – SEO by Yoast WordPress Plugin.

We create this tutorial because by default “SEO by Yoast WordPress” plugin doesn’t allow you to bulk update focus keyword for your post or page.

Watch this video tutorial and learn step-by-step how you can bulk update your post focus keyword created by SEO by Yoast WordPress plugin.

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