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San Diego Lawyers – Attorneys Search Engine Optimization

The San Diego lawyer directory used as an example in this video is one of the highest visited legal directories in San Diego. However, the information is basic to all websites & illustrates how to create a custom error page. Looking for a lawyer in California, Las Vegas, New Jersey or Texas? We have a directory for YOU! If you have a legal practice & want more Internet traffic we can help.

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Seo Blogging Software – The Best Search Engine

– Seo blogging software can be hard to find online.

Thankfully Firepow seo and traffic generation blogging software has just been released. I’ve been using it since it’s launch.

My seo results so far?

In the top 5 of google for 2 of my 3 blogs.

In the top 15 of google for my third blog (110,000 competition websites).

Number 1 on google for the keywords in all three domains.

Here’s why Firepow seo blogging software is unique:

1. Firstly, as soon as you create your blog you’ll get instant backlinks from your rss feed submissions

2. Secondly, when you write a blog post or a page you can create hidden or visible h1 and h2 tags without any messy html

3. You can add relevant youtube videos straight to your posts or pages

4. You can get trackbacks easily and quickly from relevant or authority sites

5. Once you’ve submitted your blog post you can publish it straight to your blog (or time it for whenever you want) and then submit it straight to the hottest social bookmarking sites.

6. We all know how popular Yahoo Answers is. Now straight within the Firepow seo blogging platform you
can go straight to Yahoo answers, search for questions on relevant topics, add your blog posts straight to answers and get them published straight
away or write new content

7. You can add a news feed straight to your homepage so the blog is constantly updated in the eyes of the search engines.

I truly can’t say enough about Firepow seo blogging software. Why? Because I’m now making $10,000 per month in my spare time as a niche blogger.

As a special bonus for reading this information if you go to and insert the word trackback you’ll instantly save $30.00.

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Internet Marketing Tools – Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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