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How to write SEO friendly article for blog/website – WordPress Tutorial

This video tutorial goes to people who seek for seo friendly article.

Hi guys my name is rana and in this video I’m going to demonstrate how to write seo friendly blog post or other words how to write seo content for website or blog. in this video i will explain step to write seo friendly blog post in WordPress, even you have got any other type website method would be the same. so make sure you watch this video till the end.


if you have any question regarding this video please feel free to ask me in the comment section


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Tips for SEO Friendly Website Design

Is your website design killing your SEO game? Here are several tips to be followed while designing the website, will help in your search engine optimization process and can put your website ahead of your competitors.

• H1 Tag Instructs Google in Brief About the page that makes Easy to List Your Website with H1 Keywords.
• Use Compressed Images & Media Files. It helps to Load Website Fast and High Speed Website always List on Top by Google.
• Informative & Unique Content that makes Your Website Unique and Informative than Your Competitors and List on Top as it is Unique
• Make Easy Product Navigation. It helps Users and Search Engine for Easy Access of Information and Helps Googlebot to Crawl Fast & Indexing.
• Give Image Name & Alt Tags and Optimize the Images. Google Recognized for Image Listing.
• Keep the URL SEO Friendly. It makes Easy for Users & Search Engine for Webpage Identification and List well with Important Keywords in URL.
• Clearly Visible Contact Details Increasing Goal Conversion and Improved Conversion reflects site popularity in Google.
• Keep Inquiry Form Simple & Easy Accessible. This Increase Inquiry and Goal Conversion Ratio, which Ultimately Helps in Achieving Your Business Goals.

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Five Ways to make your Blog SEO friendly

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Tips to write SEO friendly Title Tags for Your Site Pages

Process of understanding how to write meaningful, target-able and effective search engines friendly Title Tag for your blog post or article by considering search engine optimization rules to show every web page searchable to users’ targeted keywords at top position in search engines. And also guide to improve the optimization level of old pages with effective title tags for search engine optimizers and learners.

Killer Mac SEO SEM Tips : Apple Friendly Automated Bookmarking & Feed Submission

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