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Leads by Web: Get the Best Local SEO Services and Local Lead Generation

Enhance the results of your business website by making it easy for prospects to find your business online when they’re searching for your products or services. As the industry leader in providing Local Search Engine Optimization services to a wide variety of business verticals, Web.com promotes your business across the web, with coverage including Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads, local SEO marketing to rank higher in search results, integration with Google Maps, and directory marketing across search engines, including Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Call 1-800-324-9007 to get started today!

Free SEO Guides – Internet Marketing Tutorials – Viral Traffic Generation Guide

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Our team at Labinator.com is giving away two special marketing guides for free to help you with your online business right away.

The first book is our latest internet marketing start-up guide. This guide covers all the basics you need to get started online. It comes with lots of resources and additional comprehensive tutorials on search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing (SMM).

As for the second guide, it includes all the latest viral traffic techniques and methods.

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Online Lead Generation Techniques (Part 3 of 5) – Search Engine Optimization

Working to get your website’s link on top of the results page of a search engine is a proven way of gaining traffic. But it can also serve a double-purpose by means of generating leads for your business. Remember that potential clients who are looking for a product online would almost always start with a search engine. They type in the keywords or product that they need. If your website is among the first ones to be generated by the search engine, they will visit your site immediately. Just make sure that you have interesting content in it so that you will be able to encourage them to subscribe to your other promotional materials.

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Features of XGen SEO Software

1. Automated Email Accounts Creator
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6. Automated Micro Blogging & Social Networking Sites Submitter
7. Automated Video Submitter
8. Automated Social Book-mark Submitter
9. Automated RSS Feeds Submitter
10. Automated Power Ping
11. Article / Blog Creator
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13. Power Keyword Builder
14. Competitor Analysis
15. Article Research Tool
16. Powerful Reporting Suite

With help installing, checkout the readme file after you download.

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