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Ecommerce SEO: 3x Ways To Eliminate Duplicate Content

One of the biggest SEO problems ecommerce stores have is duplicate content.

So today I am going to teach you 3 quick ways to find and fix all of the internal and external ecommerce duplicate content issues easily.

But why is ecommerce duplicate content such a problem?

Well for starters, Google HATES duplicate content.

They hand out penaltys left, right and centre and the Panda algorithm update was desiged specifically to target duplicate and low quality content.

The problem is that ecommerce stores inherrently have a lot of duplicate and low quality content which makes them the perfect target for the Panda penalty.

So if you have never checked your ecommerce store for duplicate content before – the time to do it is now!

Because in this video I am going to show you 3 super easy methods to do exactly that.

And if you have never checked for duplicate content issues, I guarantee you have them!


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00:24 – The First Method To Find Internal Duplicate Content
01:11 – The Second Method To Find Internal Duplicate Content
02:01 – How To Find External Ecommerce Duplicate Content
03:02 – If You Are Serious About Increasing Search Traffic…

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Copyscape –

Please let me know if you have any questions about ecommerce duplicate content.

Just ask in the comments below!

In the mean time – start auditing your ecommerce store to find duplicate content and fix it as soon as possible.

Because I guarantee it is weighing your whole store down in the search rankings.


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In this video i will Show you, ” HOW TO FIND ANY YOUTUBE VIDEO TAG WITHOUT ANY SOFTWARE OR TUBEBUDDY.”If you use this trick you can FIND ANY YOUTUBE CHANNEL VIDEOS TAG without any problem. Hope this video help you to FIND TAG easily.Goodluck…

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Blogger SEO Tutorial – How to Optimize Blogger Blog Post – Part 6

► Complete Blogger Tutorial Series :
► Complete Blogger SEO Tutorial:

In this long video part 6 of Blogger SEO Tutorial we will optimize our searched keywords for our blog post, these keywords we will apply for blog title, content, meta description and primary image.

We will make our blog post look good that better, we add images, h1 tags and many more. Making a good blog can help reduce bounce rate…

I strongly suggest watch all videos and don’t skip, stay tune.

This video will continue on part 7…


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Daryl Rosser Interview: Niche Community Building, Growing An Marketing Agency & Learning SEO

Hey guys,

This is a little experiment. I found myself in Vietnam and managed to organize a little podcast with Daryl Rosser after I appeared on his Lionzeal show.

In this video, we cover how he built Lionzeal, a community built around growing an SEO/marketing agency from the ground up, things he’s studied to help nurture the community and a stack more.

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Basics of SEO Web Content Writing.

There are many things to keep in mind when writing SEO content for your website and Alex, a Senior Marketing Consultant with Nova Solutions shares several that will help you write high quality SEO web content.

– Content must be readable. That means that it should be written the way people talk and not stuffed with keywords. The structure should be unique and easily accessible with the content broken down into subcategories or subtopics so that visitors to your site can skim for the main points. In other words, make your content user friendly.

– The rule of thumb is to include one image or graphic per page of writing. This is a simple way to get the attention of the viewer and make the content seem less overwhelming.

– Don’t write the content to your keyword – instead, write your content to the topic or to what people are interested in and find the appropriate keyword to fit.

– Include a clear call to action. Great content is only part of the equation – the visitor needs to know what to do next to reach you, get the answers they want and how you can close the deal.

Taking the time to research how to write quality SEO web content or working with a reputable web designer is a sure way to improve your website’s effectiveness and achieve a higher conversion rate.

Nova Solutions Ottawa
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Ottawa, ON K1N 6P4

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Known as SEO, this is all about optimising your website so that it shows up high in search results…

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Paid Search Management

We pay Google to put your website in the ad section at the top of their search page – simple as that!

We optimise your keywords to make the most of your Adwords budget.

This is normally Pay-Per-Click or PPC marketing, so you only pay for the people who visit your website.

Remarketing – So someone visited your website, and left without buying that hat?

Remarketing lets you follow previous visitors around in the ad boxes of other websites.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Let’s assume people have made it to your website – don’t let this opportunity go to waste.

We made sure that more of Wendy’s visitors committed and bought that hat! And we can do the same for you.

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Social Media Marketing

Are you on Facebook? Of course you are. Everyone’s on Facebook!

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Video Production & Marketing

Video on the internet is taking over…

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