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Google Analytics Introduction 2018

This Google Analytics introduction tutorial includes –

1. Understanding the Google Analytics dashboard
2. Finding traffic from all channels
3. Comparing to last 30 days
4. Identifying organic traffic
5. Introduction to Google Analytics metrics and terminology [users, average time of page, bounce rate, impressions, clicks, CTR]

3 simple tasks to help you understand your website traffic better.

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Brett Curry: Fastest Growing Google Adwords Agency In The World

Advertising on Google and YouTube is one of the greatest opportunities for entrepreneurs today. With over 3.5 billion searches every single day, Google’s search advertising platform gives marketers the ability to get incredibly relevant content in front of the right people at the right time. As with any technical skill, however, there will always be a “top dog.” In this interview, Brett Curry, CEO of OMGCommerce, shares how he built the fastest growing Google Adwords agency on the planet.

Brett is co-founder and CEO of OMG. He spends his time developing the strategy and direction of the company, and is a thought-leader pioneering the way in the eCommerce frontier.

Brett is an online marketer, eCommerce strategist, and speaker, but first and foremost he’s an entrepreneur. Brett’s passion is helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses through creative marketing efforts.

As a certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach and eCommerce marketing enthusiast Brett is a frequent speaker at business functions across the US.

The majority of his time is spent running an online marketing agency and leading an amazing team of talented marketers.

Online Marketing Giant is a Google Premier Partner Agency specializing in helping businesses reach their local audience through paid search marketing and search engine optimization.

OMG Commerce, the eCommerce division of Online Marketing Giant, specializes in search and shopper marketing for eCommerce companies through Google Shopping, AdWords, Bing, Amazon and Facebook ad campaigns.

OMG is passionate about building a foundation that is based on caring for our clients and employees, having fun, and constantly improving.

Is it Real To Earn $75 from Google User Research Program | Complete explanation in Urdu/hindi

Hi Friends!! I’m Tamoor Pardasi here with another new and fresh video. In this video I will explain that what is Google Research Program and it is real or fake. I will also tell you that can you earn $75 from it in one hour or not. You may see many videos on YouTube that earn money from Google User Research Program; it is totally fake as earning money is not that easy.

You can’t even earn $75 in a day from Google User Research Program. Let me tell you about Google Research Program, it is just for feedback. From this research program Google collect data about the user and his area. Let me inform you that Google has only two earning programs; Google AdMob and Google Adsense.

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SEO Hacks to Skyrocket Your Google Rankings | 3 Tips to Grow Website Traffic

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And you know What?

With on-page SEO, there are a few tactics that will make up the majority of your result.

Today I’m going to share with you three on-page SEO hacks that’ll skyrocket your Google rankings.

For those of you who don’t know what on-page SEO is, they are the changes that you make on your website, with your code, to get higher rankings on Google.

Google’s a computer.

When it’s crawling your website, it has to read code.

You’ve seen the Matrix; it’s kind of like that.

They’re crawling to figure out what your website is all about, and you can make changes, but today, I’m going to share with you three that’ll help boost your on-page SEO and your Google rankings.

Tip #1: Use Google Search Console.

Click on search analytics; you’ll see what pages are getting rankings, how many clicks, how many impressions, and your click-through rate.

You want to look at the ones that have a high impression count, but low click-rate.

That means people see your listing, but they’re not clicking on it.

Adjust your title tag and meta descriptions.

Add an appealing sentence, that includes keywords, and you’re much more likely to get clicks.

It’s not about stuffing keywords everywhere.

You have to make sure it’s readable for humans.

If you’re using WordPress, you can adjust your title, and your description, using the Yoast SEO plugin.

After 30 days, check to see if your click-rate went up, or down.

If your click-through rate goes up, Google will know to rank your page higher.

That’s how you can keep increasing your Google rankings, slowly but surely.

It’s a grind, it’s not that hard of a change, but it’s a grind in which it takes a long time before the rankings increase from it, but it’s one of the best ways to grow your traffic.

The cool part about Google Search Console is it shows you all of the keywords that you’re getting impressions for.

You can add in the ones that get a high-impression count, and ignore the ones that are low-impression count.

#2: Make sure your website is super fast.

If your server is slow, it doesn’t matter how clean-coded your website is; your site isn’t going to load fast.

Don’t get that cheap five dollar hosting solution, pay for something decent.

I’m on WP Engine, it’s expensive, but my site loads fast.

The other thing you want to do, as I mentioned, is a content delivery network.

That way if someone in India is coming to see your website, they’re getting your site pulled from a server in India.

It’ll load so much faster for them, versus them having to wait for the internet signal to pick it all the way up from the server in, let’s say, North America.

You want to make sure that your server is close to them, and no, you don’t have to buy servers all around the world; rather you want to use a content delivery network, like Akamai, and that will ensure your website loads super fast.

Make sure you’re also using Google’s AMP framework, so if someone’s on a mobile device, it’ll load your site super fast.

I don’t care if someone has a 4G or LTE phone.

Sometimes you’re in an area that has terrible reception, so having an AMP-compatible website ensures that it loads super fast.

I’ve heard a lot of people say if you have an AMP-compatible site, traffic skyrockets.

I’ve found that it usually doesn’t, in regions like North America, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, but I found my traffic from places like Brazil, has gone up tremendously, once I implemented AMP protocol.

#3: Theme-out your website.

Let’s say your website is about SEO, stick with just SEO.

Don’t go from SEO to TV ads to radio ads.

By having a site that’s very specific on one theme, you’re going to do way better.

After Google’s Hummingbird update, websites that are super detailed and thorough on one topic, are much more likely to have more knowledge on that subject and rank higher than sites that are all over the place.

If you follow these tips, you’ll do exceptionally well.

If you’re not sure how to theme your site, leave a comment below, share your URL, ask a question about theming, and I’ll respond, helping you out.

Anything I can do to help you, just let me know, and I truly am here to help you with your marketing needs.

Keyword Hero Review: Reveal Not Provided Keywords in Google Analytics

Keyword Hero is a great tool to reveal the “not provided” keywords in Google Analytics. It maps the keywords that Google Search Console provides to the respective sessions in Google Analytics. With this, you’ll get the bounce rate, session duration, conversion rate, and other behavioral metrics of the keyword traffic.

The tool’s Giant Hero plan costs you $29 every month. But with Appsumo deal, you can access the tool at a one-off fee of $49 and get access to it for lifetime.

Get the lifetime deal here:

How it works?

Getting Backlinks From Your Beloved Competitors – SEO Episode 6 | How to Get Backlinks

In this real world, your enemy is your enemy.

But in the SEO world, your enemy is your best friend.

You will make use of your competitors, put their sites on SEMRUSH, Ahref or Majestic and extract all their backlinks in the Excel file; then you will spend the rest of your day to see where they have made backlinks so far.

You will open every backlink, then you will ask the question to your heart, “May I make a backlink here?”
Your heart will say, “OMG, This Backlink is on Blogspot and it’s as easy as to Subscribe 😛 .”

You will follow the yesterday rule, make a blog like a real one. It would better if you Watch the Episode 5 (Link Given Below).

You will see other things too. Some backlinks will be on Tumblr, Reddit, and some other websites where you can make a free backlink or a paid one in the form of a guest post provided you’re working on the same niche.

If you want a real demo, then you can download this backlinks data of ProPakistani at

Check all the backlinks of ProPakistani (from the source URL section of the Excel file), create a backlink where you can if you belong to the same niche – some backlinks are toxic, check on Moz Site Explorer.

If it has a spam score more than 2, don’t make there. If you don’t have such an account, then you can comment the URL of your competitor below, I will send you the Excel file as I get time.
Make sure after commenting, remove the preview of the URL.

If I tell you the resources where you can create a backlink, half of the members of this group would attack the sites.

Use your common sense, follow your competitors’ path how they have made the backlinks by using the websites mentioned above. You just have to put the link, and extract the data in an Excel in one click, and implement for your site.

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