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Firing Difficult Employees | Making Sure The Company Vision and Team Are Aligned

In today’s video, I talk about a recent experience where I had to fire an employee that was not willing to be a team player. The team is the most important to success so it necessary that everybody is one the same page. It was a difficult decision, mostly because of the empathy and love I have for everybody in the company. It has turned out to be the best option and NOR has only grown as a result.

Thank you for watching this video. We will be posting videos twice a week about entrepreneurship and technology. Videos not only be documenting our journey, but will also give you insight and how-tos in the space for you to navigate as well.
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Maynard Breslow is the CEO and founder of New Old road, an in-house web design and app development studio.
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Youtube channel growth tips & Tricks – My Opinions

According to Socialbakers, 4 in 5 millennials view video content when researching a purchase decision. No wonder video marketing is on the rise; every marketer I talk with has it as one of their primary focuses as they plan for 2018.

While Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, and even LinkedIn are rolling out video features, nothing beats YouTube, where we spend a billion hours every day watching videos. If you want to leverage the power of the world’s second largest search engine and grow your YouTube channel in 2018, read on.

I sat down with Syed Balkhi, a renowned online marketer famous for his work on the conversion software, OptinMonster. Syed is also the founder of a popular edutainment website and YouTube channel, List25, which has over 2.2 million subscribers and his videos have been viewed over 550 million times.

Since starting the site in 2011, he has only appeared in a total of 3 videos. Instead of being the face of the brand, he works behind the scenes, guiding his team’s YouTube optimization strategy, to maximize views and channel growth.

I asked him to share his top 8 optimization tips for growing a YouTube channel in 2018.

1. Create videos based on a single topic / keyword

While it sounds obvious, you’d be surprised how many people completely ignore this basic principle. Similar to a blog post, when you’re planning your video, you need to identify the keywords that you want to target.

You can use tools like KeywordTool.io to see the most searched keywords in your niche.

The reason why it’s important to pick a keyword before you create your video is because it allows you to better plan your content. You can search your keyword in YouTube to see what kinds of videos are ranking highly, and what makes them stand out.

In your research phase, your goal is to create the most comprehensive video about your chosen topic. According to Balkhi, the ideal video length is around 8 – 12 minutes long.

The other reason why you need to pick your keyword before recording the video is so you can incorporate it in your video script. Having your keyword repeated multiple times in your audio script helps your ranking on YouTube search. Because YouTube automatically attempts to add closed captions, we know the algorithm technically can read through your entire audio script – and likely uses it as a factor when calculating relevance for a given keyword search.

2. Optimize your title and description

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. If you want to have your videos rank highly, you need to properly optimize your video title and description.

Your title needs to be catchy, but it also needs to contain the keywords that you want to rank for. “One of the things we have found is that placing our keywords at the beginning of our video title helps boost our ranking,” says Balkhi. “Same goes for your video description. Often, people don’t do a good enough job in writing their description. You need to treat your video description like a summary blog post that you would write if you were to embed this video on your site.”

Balkhi advises that you should add your keywords in the first two sentences, but not try to game the system. Stuffing keywords in your description can get your channel penalized, just as stuffing keywords in content on a website can trigger a Penguin or Panda penalty.

Writing an outline or transcript of your video content in the description of the video can go a long way in helping boost your video’s rankings.

Last but not least, make sure that you’re adding relevant tags to each of your videos. Balkhi recommends using a tool like TubeBuddy for tag recommendation.

3. Win the CTR battle with great thumbnails

Similar to how text-based content works, videos with catchy a thumbnail and title often tend to rank higher even if they don’t have the best content.

The secret is similar to Google search: these videos win the click-through-rate (CTR) battle. In other words, Google seems to be calculating CTR as a ranking factor, which has been a subject of much debate in the SEO industry lately.

“In our experience, the best way to get maximum click-through rate, aside from a catchy title, is to use an attention-grabbing thumbnail. Some examples of catchy thumbnails that I have seen work include thumbnails with large text, highlighted / magnified areas, arrows pointing towards something in the image, and things that are just completely unexpected or unusual,” says Balkhi.

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How Bettina Hein Has Grown Video Advertising Platform Pixability 100% per Year for the Last 5 Years

Hey everyone, in today’s episode I share the mic with Bettina Hein, founder and CEO of Pixability, a video advertising platform.

Tune in to hear Bettina share how they’ve grown Pixability over 100% a year for the last five years in a row, what they use for successful customer acquisition, and how she started her first software company (text-to-speech software, which lives on in all Android phones and a lot of car navigation systems) right out of graduate school and sold it for $125 million.

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A Guide to the Best YouTube Growth Strategy

When you want to grow your YouTube channel and get more views and more subscribers, it’s important to have a channel strategy that helps you create videos that will get you there. This video is a guide that will teach you what a successful YouTube channel growth strategy looks like for many YouTube channels and will show you how to implement it and start making 4 different kinds of videos that will help you get more views, more subscribers, and make more money on YouTube.

1) Discoverable

2) Community

3) Big (except with no promotional campaign behind them)

4) Sales
– (personal)
– (sponsorship)
– (sale promo)

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How Many Links Do You Really Need to Rank Well? | Ep. #373

In Episode #373, Eric and Neil discuss how many links you really need to rank well. Tune in as Eric and Neil remind us of the TWO most important factors for SEO. They’ll also explain why The Penny Hoarder gets more traffic than Neil does and why Eric builds links for a post that is already driving traffic.

Time Stamped Show Notes: 00:27 – Today’s topic: How Many Links Do You Really Need to Rank Well? 00:39 – Two main factors in SEO are content and links 00:57 – Eric and Neil uses Ahrefs 01:01 – Ahrefs has a keyword explorer tool that will show you the difficulty and guidelines for using a certain keyword 01:23 – The Penny Hoarder is a popular blog which was in Inc 500 list 01:32 – They make 8-figures/year in revenue 01:35 – The blog has more traffic than Neil’s blog 01:40 – They get more traffic because of their content 01:43 – Neil has more backlinks and domain authority than TPH 01:52 – “It just comes down to content” 01:58 – You don’t need too many backlinks 02:02 – You need MORE content 02:06 – If you want to build up your links, use infographics or Brian Dean’s Skyscraper Technique 02:25 – Eric didn’t build links for the top 5 keywords for which they’re ranking 02:46 – Focus on the domain authority 03:03 – Eric has one post that ranks for the most marketing keywords 03:16 – Eric has built links for that post to boost it 03:41 – Check Eric Enge’s: Do Links Still Matter 04:05 – Marketing School is giving away a free 1 year subscription to Crazy Egg which is a heat mapping tool that helps you increase your conversion rate 04:52 – Go to SingleGrain.com/giveaway for multiple entries 04:58 – That’s it for today’s episode! 3 Key Points: Content and links are the main factors for SEO—keep track of them. Having too many backlinks may not always boost your post; rather, focus on creating GREAT content. Check the posts whose keywords are ranking well and build links to boost that post. Leave some feedback:

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Why Do Big Brands Get Away With Spammy Link Building? | Ep. #347

In Episode #347, Eric and Neil discuss why big brands get away with spammy link building. Tune in to learn how Google has changed their algorithms, making businesses think twice about using shady link tactics. And even if these tactics work, find out why it’s still not recommended for you to use them.

Time Stamped Show Notes: 00:27 – Today’s topic: Why Do Big Brands Get Away With Spammy Link Building? 00:44 – Big companies like Google and Amazon make hundreds of millions of links 00:50 – The over-optimization cup 01:01 – Once it overflows, you’ll get hit with penalties and adjustments 01:08 – A new site or brand has a smaller margin of error 02:06 – One of hardest indicators to manipulate is brand craze 02:10 – This is when more and more people are searching for your brand 02:30 – When Google knows that you’re a big brand, it’s harder for them to remove you 02:38 – Google just penalizes a big brand for shady link building 03:05 – Google notices that people will turn to other search engines when they don’t see the big brands from the search result 03:08 – Google now does not penalize big brands as easily 03:23 – A lot of industries are using shady link tactics 03:58 – Google has adapted different algorithms to determine if a brand should be penalized 04:30 – Google now tries to showcase the best sites first 04:27 – Viper Chill’s How 16 Companies Are Dominating the World’s Google Search Result 05:08 – Hearst Media started BestProducts 05:24 – The total number of visits skyrocketed in just a few months 06:05 – SEO out-playing still happens 06:29 – If you’re creating too much possibility by doing something wrong, it will look bad 06:46 – Shady tactics still work but is NOT recommended 07:00 – Top keywords from SEMrush 07:31 – That’s it for today’s episode! 3 Key Points: People tend to use a different search engines when they don’t see the brands that they want from the search results. Shady tactics are still being used today and while they work, they aren’t recommended. Google now shows the best sites first. Leave some feedback:

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Please watch: “Catch It If You Can: A New Wave of Brick and Mortar Pop-Ups Creates Experiences Not Found Online”


Video SEO Guide For Beginners – YouTube SEO Guide For Noobs – YouTube Guide For Growth #SEO

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Start your YouTube growth today! In this video I’ll be sharing a youtube guide covering video SEO for beginners. A lot of you have been asking for a video SEO guide so I hope this helps you take your channel to the next level! This video will try to make video SEO as accessible as possible, think of it as a YouTube SEO guide for noobs. I’ll also be uploading videos focusing on each specific aspect of video SEO so be sure to subscribe! YouTube SEO for beginners is really important if you want to grow on youtube. If all this SEO stuff is all too much then I can do it for you here: Use this knowledge to help you grow on youtube so you can stop having these small youtuber problems!


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Video SEO Guide For Beginners – YouTube SEO Guide For Noobs – YouTube Guide


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Subscribers Q and A Live Free channel Reviews| Channel Branding For Growth

Subscrbers Q and A Live Free channel Reviews| Channel Branding For Growth
In this livestream I will answering any questions you may have to the best of my knowledge and experience while sharing with.Subscrbers Q and A Live Free channel Reviews| Channel Branding For Growth

Welcome to our channel. We strive to share our knowledge with you all because strongly believe that knowledge is power and we want to empower you all. We post videos every Thursdays 8 pm EST. Our videos surrounding social media marketing. Facebook marketing, Google and search engine optimization, Instagram marketing and how to create,grow and use your YouTube channel to promote your business. So if you are a person that is looking to use social media to Grow your business or if you just want to learn advance social media tips, a strongly recommend that you subscribe to our channel so you won’t miss any our videos. To subcribe to our channel just click on this link and the click subscribe.

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Marketing Automation Tools, Content Marketing Tools & AI Content Creation – Growth Insights #4

Welcome back to Growth Insights!

In this episode we will share Marketing Automation Tools, Content Marketing Tools & AI Content Creation and more on a tri-weekly basis.

Growth Marketing is not only for startups but for anyone whose north is GROWTH!

In this episode, focused on Marketing Automation Tools, Content Marketing Tools & AI Content Creation, we share automatic lead scoring playbooks, youtube tools that will help you if video is part of content strategy, and trends in AI.

Every video will contain the latest growth marketing tools, techniques and secrets that our team and community have come across.

In this particular episodes we talk about Marketing Automation Tools, Content Marketing Tools & AI Content Creation mostly.

We’ll publish a new Growth Insights video every 2 to 3 weeks so be sure to subscribe if you don’t want to miss out on the most relevant developments in regards to all things growth.

If you come across a tool, website or article mentioned in the video that you want to look into further, check out the links below:

00:29 – Lumen5 –
00:52 – Quuu –
01:07 – TubeBuddy –
01:30 – Growth Hacking & Politics –
01:53 – Articoolo –
02:21 – MarTech Advisor stating that 50% of all marketing jobs will be replaced by machine intelligence –
02:34 – Wide gap in technical competence (specfically data related) within companies –
02:55 – Clearbit & Madkuku Playbook for Lead Scoring –
03:17 – Good Sales Emails –
03:32 – PixelBlock –
03:39 – Why Data Is The New Oil –
03:45 – Drift –
03:51 – Drift’s Leadbot –
04:04 – Madkuku SaaS MRR Simulator –
04:13 – Digital Marketing Tools 2017 Infographic –
04:24 – Playbook: How to scrape all the attendees of conferences –
04:40 – Andrew Chen Resources:
04:51 – Planned vs Linear Reading –
05:05 – How long does it take to rank in Google –
05:22 – Attribution App –
05:34 – Stanford Startup School Lectures –
05:41 – VP of Growth @ Facebook, Alex Schultz, on why Retention is key to your growth –


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