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Amazon Selling Guide Overview

1. Amazon Selling Guide Introduction
2. How to Sell on Amazon
3. Choosing Items to Sell on Amazon
4. How to Sell on Amazon FBA
5. Creating Your Amazon Products List
6. Marketing with Amazon Sponsored Ads
7. Amazon Product Ads and PPC
8. Incorporating Google Maps Marketing
9. Boost Organic Results with an Amazon SEO Service
10. Understanding Amazon Seller Account Fees
11. Amazon Web Services for Reduced Costs
12. Reasons to Sell Stuff on Amazon
13. Amazon Marketing Case Studies

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Viral Blogging: How to Find Content & Rank It Fast Complete Guide – 2018

Now Learn free viral blogging system & How Its works Complete Guide 2018. In video of Viral Content blogging I’ll give Tips Make Viral Post. Find Content for Viral Blogging and Keywords, how to rank a website fast. Keep Watching..

Assalam-o-Alaikum Friends. I’m Nisar Hussain and today I’m going to share with you a complete detail about VIral Blog and tell you how it works.
I know lot of people among you don’t know what is Viral Blogging and how to do blogging viral marketing. I’ll share with you How to find Viral Content that and How to write it again and How to Rank it fast. I hope you’ll like this video.

Site For Viral Content:
1) Buzzfeed :
2) Google Trends:
3) Popurls:
4) Trendolizer:
SItes Which I used in Video
Social Animal:
Article Rewriter:

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[IPL 2018] The Ultimate Guide On Make Money From Event Blogging 2018

Hey blogger, welcome to another fresh video, in this video I will show you how to make money from event blogging in 2018 with VIVO IPL 2018.

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Guide to SEO: Learn How to Optimize Your Videos For the Search Engines in 2018

If you struggle to optimize your pages for the search engines and want to learn the best strategies for improving your search engine rankings, this 10-part guide to SEO is exactly what you need. Maybe, you are already getting good results, but want to see better search engine rankings. If you fall into that category, this course will also be useful for you. This online video course comes to you for one low cost fee of just $9. The New Guide to SEO will help you to understand the search engine optimization process and enable you to get the traffic you need to build your online web presence. Whether you are a window cleaner in Croydon or an online internet marketing money magnet in Los Angeles, this course will benefit you.

To enroll on this course, please go to

Here is a brief rundown of what you can expect from the New Guide to SEO course

Video #1: Definition of Search Engine Optimization
The course opens with the definition of SEO (search engine optimization). So, what is SEO? Where did it come from? What can you expect from SEO? This opening video answers all these questions and more.

Video #2: A Brief History of SEO
This video explains the history of Search Engine Optimization. How easy was it to manipulate Google in the past? What people did to get to the top of the SERP’s, (search engine results pages), how easily this was achieved and more.

Video #3: What Happened Next? Google Got Smarter!
What are Penguin and Panda and what are their functions? How Google started to do something about the manipulative sites that would keyword stuff and generate hordes of dodgy backlinks. This meant that people were forced to write quality content and that backlinks from quality and authoritative websites like the BBC and University sites are far, far more powerful than links from any old web page. Furthermore, companies who took part in all these backlink schemes and keyword stuffing were kicked off Google and were left with a useless web presence.

Video #4: On-Page SEO
This video covered ideas for on-page SEO, what practices should be implemented to increase chances of successful rankings on Google and other search engines. It talks of what you should bear in mind when you are producing content for your website or blog.

Video #5: Off-Page SEO
The fifth video of the New Guide to SEO discusses off page search engine optimization. What can you do to increase your chances of a high search engine ranking when you are building backlinks from other sites etc. The New Guide to SEO also lets you know what you can do to remove your site from the “Google black list” so that it can be a success.

Video #6 Ensuring Your SEO is Correct
This video explains that the best way to ensure your SEO is right, is to forget the SEO and concentrate on the reader. It talks about merging different content strategies and building trust with the people who you look to for custom. Once you implement these strategies and mindset, you will become a more respected and be able to build a reputation as an expert in your field.

Video #7: The Cons of Using a Search Engine Marketing service
This is the shortest video in the New Guide to SEO video course at a little over two minutes. This video discusses the cons of using an SEM (search engine marketing) company and what you have to be careful of when choosing the right search engine marketing company to work with.

Video #8: How to Monitor Your Search Engine Marketing Company
This video discusses how you can overcome any headaches with dodgy search engine marketing companies. It discusses what you need to ask for. Are you making a profit? Are you receiving sufficient ROI (return on investment)? The video also explains how you can measure the success of your search engine performance separately to your search engine marketing service provider.

Video #9: The Future of SEO
The penultimate video discusses the future of search engine optimization. What is likely to happen? How is Google likely to evolve? How can you keep your site in the “Google good books”.

Video #10: Conclusion and Take Home Points
This course concludes with a quick review of what the course highlights. What do you need to remember for the future? Where should you emphasize your focus? This is full of tips and advice for the future and how you can evolve your website along with Google.

To take this course, simply click the link below to enroll…

How To Get Gift Guide Press For Your Products For Artist Sellers – Etsy – Kathy Weller Art

Hi there! In this video, I share ways you can increase your potential to get your product featured in those gift guides like you see on Buzzfeed, Bored Panda, Huff Post, Pop Sugar and the like.
TIMESTAMPS – jump to where you want to go, in the video:

0:05 – What qualifies me to talk about this
1:12 – Factor #1 – Be Where They Look
2:08 – Factor #2 – Great Photos and Mock-Up Talk
2:58 – The TWO Caveats Of Using Mock-Up’s (and how to avoid them)
3:35 – Note To Anti-Mock Up Artist Sellers
4:06 – Factor #3 – Skip The LOGO
5:33 – Factor #4 – Trendy Themes
6:03 – Factor #5 – S.E.O. Optimization
6:30 – Finding Your Feature
7:08 – Final Thoughts


Mentioned in this video


Photo enhancement editing resources:

Adobe software

(this is what I use)




(I use this too)


SEO Related Resources:

The Merriweather Council

Abundant resources for Etsy sellers: ecourses, ebooks, a podcast, a Facebook Group. Danielle’s Etsy class teaches best practices for Etsy SEO. I recommend it!


Available by monthly subscription, this is a tool that helps with Etsy search terms.

Google Analytics:

(Sign up for this in order to track traffic and analytics to your shop or site)


Mock Ups

Creative Market for mock-ups

Shop at Creative Market for mock-ups:

11 oz. Mugs modeled in real life-

(this is an affiliate link)

(same thing but not an affiliate link)

15 oz. Mug mock-up bundle-

(affiliate link)

(non-affiliate link)

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My shop’s press page:

All of my Etsy feedback reviews:

My Etsy store:

My Shopify store:


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Mug Mock Up Like A Rock Star:

How to Turn Raster Art Into Vector Art:

How To Enable Rich Pins To Your Shopify Store:

How To Connect Your Etsy Shop To Printful’s Etsy API:


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How to Create Google Form Step by Step Guide | Google Forms Full Tutorial in Urdu Hindi 2018

In This Video, I will tell You About How To Create Google Form Step by Step Guide Google Forms Full Tutorial in Urdu Hindi 2018 also teaches you how to make google form for selling products.

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